Apple Allegedly Preparing iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 3, And iPad Pro For Fall Release

In addition to unveiling the iPad Pro, Apple is still going to upgrade the iPad mini and iPad Air this fall. Tech Times has the news.

“While Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been dominating headlines ahead of their September introduction, new details have just emerged regarding the company’s new iPads. The company is expected to introduce the iPad Air 3, iPad mini 4 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro/Plus.”

The article goes on to add that unlike last year’s iPad mini 3, which received only a minor upgrade, the iPad mini 4 is set to get a bigger upgrade by featuring a more powerful processor and an 8MP rear camera. The iPad Air 3 is set to retain the same exact design at its predecessor.

The iPad Pro is said to feature a digital stylus and International Business Times has just talked about a patent Apple filed that may be fore the iPad Pro.

“A patent application titled ‘Touch Implement with Haptic Feedback for Simulating Surface Texture’ was published by the United States Patent and Trademark office Thursday. It describes a stylus which can provide haptic feedback to users whenever it’s in contact with a surface — such as an iPhone or iPad touchscreen.”

The article notes that in some cases, the vibrations could correspond to those displayed on a screen and this could be further adjusted based on the position of the stylus and pressure applied on a surface. The iPad Pro will be very different from the current iPads. BGR recently reported on a leaked case from a French website that reveals more about the iPad Pro’s dimensions.

“We know the iPad Pro will have a display with a diagonal of roughly 12.9 inches, but what about the rest of the device’s dimensions? has obtained a leaked schematic that seems to show us the giant iPad’s full dimensions will be 305.7 millimeters by 222.6 millimeters with a thickness of just 7.2 millimeters.”

Expert Reviews talks about the conflicting release dates for Apple’s larger tablet. They note that Bloomberg said last year that the iPad Pro would be released during Q1 of 2015. Obviously, that time has passed and now sources such as Reuters have stated that the iPad Pro will come out in September, with the reason for the delay due to supply shortages.

There are strong rumors that the new iPad Pro will run OS X instead of iOS X. This would put the device in direct competition with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, which is said to come out in October. Is the iPad Pro a device you would buy? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Bloomberg for Getty Images]