Seinfeld Reunion: Could It Be?

A Seinfeld reunion would probably be the rarest of sitcom reunions: even thirty years after being aired on TV, a Seinfeld reunion would still be enjoyed by millions of TV fans across the globe. Such was the popularity and mass-appeal of this American sitcom.

Seinfeld was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, who played a fictionalized character of himself in the show: the series centered around his life, and screened for nine seasons with a total of 180 episodes. Seinfeld’s plot focused on the lives of eccentric Jerry Seinfeld, who lived in a West Side apartment in Manhattan, and his equally-eccentric three friends: best-friend George Constanza, who was played by Jason Alexander, ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards, who played the role of neighbor Cosmo Kramer. The show was a mix of Seinfeld’s stand-up comedy routines and his idiosyncratic conversational style in his everyday life.

CBS News noted that Seinfeld enjoyed huge public appeal, and every season, its episodes were viewed by millions of fans. Seinfeld was named the greatest TV series of all time by TV Guide in 2002.

Seinfeld scored the Emmy Award in 1993 for Outstanding Comedy Series and the Golden Globe for Best TV-Series (Comedy) in 1994. It also picked up the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 1995, 1997, and 1998. With so much hype surrounding the TV series and so much love among the audiences, it’s obvious that fans would dearly love to see a Seinfeld reunion in the future.

After Seinfeld‘s last episode aired in May 1998, lead actors Louis-Dreyfus, Alexander, and Richards created their own sitcoms, but unfortunately, their shows were all cancelled in the first season for unexplained reasons. This resulted in the coining of a new term, the “Seinfeld Curse,” meaning the failure of a sitcom starring one of these three. This occurred despite the fact that each actor’s Seinfeld popularity should presumably have almost guaranteed a strong, ready-made audience for their new venture.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the failure of the actors’ sitcoms, in a way, pressed the need for a Seinfeld reunion in the last decade. The “curse” was eventually broken by Louis-Dreyfus, who won an Emmy award for her sitcom, New Adventures of Old Christine.

Seinfeld fans were fortunate enough to witness a Seinfeld reunion of sorts in 2009, when the entire cast appeared on the 7th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm during the fall of 2009, playing their real-life selves. This was the first time that the entire cast of Seinfeld shared the screen for a scripted play after the show ended eleven years previous.

Fans worldwide are still hopeful that they’ll see their loved characters back in action at a Seinfeld reunion sometime soon.

YouTube commenter “Druncle Dave” may have spoken for Seinfeld fans around the world in a YouTube comment earlier this year.

“I would watch this show if it continued till they died. Season 30- George gets a new hip. Season 40- Elaines new wheel chair. See Elaine in some futuristic 2055 mentally propelled wheelchair. I would watch all their funerals as I myself lay rotting in the nursing home (or more likely mental asylum) until I died. Thanks for such an monumental program.”

[Photo: Sony Pictures, Bryan Bedder / Getty Images]