New York Jets News: Fans Fly ‘Cheaters’ Banner Over New England Patriots’ Training Camp

The New England Patriots are still dealing with a lot of problems stemming from Deflategate since Tom Brady’s suspension was upheld. Still, that isn’t going to stop other teams, especially rivals such as the New York Jets, from tormenting them. Fans and local media for the Jets actually hired a plane to fly over Patriots’ training camp with a banner that simply said, “Cheaters Look Up!”

The sign was created by Jets Fan Media, and the trolling plane flew over the training camp of the New England Patriots on Thursday. There were plenty of groans and a lot of angry people, but there were also some laughs, as well.

Patriots’ fans are quick-witted sometimes, though, and TMZ saw a post on the Twitter page for Jets Fan Media, and it was a good zinger.

“The only banner Jets fans will see for a long time.”

Jason Koeppel is the person supposedly behind the “cheaters” banner flying over Patriots’ training camp, and he said it was more than due. Speaking to Metro, Koeppel wanted to defend the integrity and intelligence of all football fans.

“The time has come for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft to start dealing with reality. Sports fans are not stupid. We have seen this act before from disgraced former superstar athletes. People like Lance Armstrong and Ryan Braun who challenged the system after they got caught red handed. Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, A-Rod, Roger Clemens — the list of people who lied after they got caught cheating is sadly endless.”

The website NY Jets Fans has pulled some publicity stunts in the past, so this is not their first time in the spotlight. Last year, a huge billboard was put up that said “Fire John Idzik” and was prominent in the New York area.

Oddly enough, the sign brought about so much popularity that Jets’ owner Woody Johnson was later asked it it played a part in the firing of the former general manager.

The New England Patriots are in the middle of a lawsuit being filed by the NFLPA over the ruling to uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension in the coming season. After Roger Goodell upheld the suspension, papers were filed to overturn it.

Tom Brady still has a pretty decent fight ahead of him, but so far, things aren’t looking good for him in his Deflategate case.

Even if the New York Jets haven’t had the best of seasons for quite some time, the fans are still strong-willed and supportive. The “cheaters” banner flying over training camp of the New England Patriots is simply another chapter in the book of hatred between the two teams.

[Image via Darren McCollester / Stringer / Getty Images]