Leah Messer Gives Daughter A Spanking, Says She ‘Feels Bad’

Leah Messer gave her daughter a spanking on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, but it appears she regrets having to resort to such a punishment.

As Us Magazine reports, Messer — looking frazzled beyond all description in the July 30 episode — has a lot on her plate, raising three kids, dealing with a messy custody dispute with her ex-husband, and a relationship with her current husband that is not exactly the best. And in the clip in question, Leah’s three girls are being little pills. Leah tries to tell a friend about her struggles.

“I just feel stressed out now. I forgot today’s the first day they’ve been back [from their dad’s house]. Maybe it’s the transition from his house to my house. Ali does good, it’s more Gracie.”

Things go from bad to worse for Leah when daughter Aleeah Grace starts screaming and kicking a sister’s toy.

“Gracie! Get that right now. I’m not playing. You’re going to pick that up! You’re not going to act like this in front of people. Do you understand? I’ve had enough. I don’t know why you’re acting like this.”

Leah then takes Aleeah into another room and gives her a spanking. You can watch the clip below.

However, it seems like Leah didn’t want to give her daughter a spanking, and admits to a friend that it pained her to have to do it, according to International Business Times.

“I had to spank her. I feel bad because I spanked her.”

Her friend, however, tells her not to sweat it.

“We were raised the way we are in West Virginia, anyways. Like, I was whipped and I turned out okay.”

As it turns out, this is not the first time Leah Messer has spanked one of her daughters on an episode of Teen Mom 2. In a March, 2014, episode, one of the girls got a spanking, and as Wet Paint reports, the subject got Leah’s mother, Dawn Spears, sufficiently worked up on social media.

Wet Paint points out that spanking isn’t the only form of discipline Leah Messer employs. She also uses time-outs and other consequences for misbehavior in her home.

[Image courtesy of Twitter]