WWE Rumors: John Cena Undergoes Emergency Surgery, Advised To Stay Out Of Ring For Several Weeks – Will He Miss SummerSlam?

The feud between John Cena and Seth Rollins really heated up on Monday Night Raw, and it looked like their match at SummerSlam was all but confirmed. Rollins broke Cena’s nose in the match on Monday, and it appeared to only add fuel to the fire. Word has now gotten out that Cena had emergency surgery earlier this week and it’s recommended he stay out of the ring for several weeks…will he miss SummerSlam?

On Monday, John Cena suffered a broken nose during the main event of Raw, and it happened when Rollins clocked him in the face with a high knee. The shot was obviously hard and the impact was immediately seen.

Cena has since been praised for having his nose so severely broken, but then continuing on and finishing the match. He wrestled for another 8-10 minutes after getting it broken, and went on to win the match.

WrestleZone is reporting that John Cena ended up having emergency surgery on Tuesday for his broken nose. The surgery was done to correct some breathing issues for Cena, and there is also talk of reconstructive surgery being needed.

Apparently, medical advice being given to Cena at this time is for him to stay out of the ring and miss several weeks of in-ring action. Considering SummerSlam is just three weeks away, that would cause him to miss his proposed match with Seth Rollins.

When asked if Cena would end up missing any time, one source wasn’t so sure.

“It’s John Cena…you never know.”

It would be just like John Cena to want to fight through pain, a broken nose, and emergency surgery so that WWE doesn’t have to change their plans. He also wouldn’t want to disappoint his fans who he knows have to be looking forward to him fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Should Cena end up not taking any time off from in-ring action, it wouldn’t be the first time that he’s fought through an injury. He will end up running the risk of suffering permanent damage to his nose, but it all depends on how his surgery on Tuesday went.

Right now, there is no confirmed match for either Cena or Rollins at SummerSlam, but it’s certainly been hinted that things are going that way.

John Cena’s broken nose has brought about emergency surgery and doctors really believe he should be out of the ring for quite some time. Knowing Cena though, he won’t sit on the sideline and miss out on a proposed WWE Title match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

[Image via WWE]