Nick Viall Dodged A Bullet By Not Getting Engaged: Is He Dating Already?

Nick Viall was under the impression that he would be proposing to Kaitlyn Bristowe on the Bachelorette finale. Kaitlyn had told him that she loved him, and Viall was convinced that he was indeed the man she wanted to be with. But he was shocked when she stopped him in the middle of his proposal to break up with him. And Nick was furious, because he was convinced she would choose him.

When Nick Viall appeared on After The Final Rose, he confronted Bristowe in regards to letting him share his proposal speech on national television when she knew that she would be turning him down. And fans of the show immediately fell in love with him. The perceptions of Nick are changing, and his fans now believe that he dodged a bullet with Kaitlyn.

According to a new tweet, Nick Viall is now revealing that he is moving on and he is doing alright. And many fans do believe that he dodged a major bullet by being dumped by Kaitlyn during the season finale. They do think he deserves much better.

“Wanted to thank everyone who has offered their support over the last day. Happy to say I’m doing great and hopeful for the future!! Thanks!!” Nick Viall tweeted after the Bachelorette finale aired this past Monday.

Viall was very heartbroken right after the breakup, but fans have been offering up their support on social media. Many people don’t think that he is that horrible person from last year.

“U dodged a major bullet,” one person wrote, while another wrote, “I’m happy to hear that you’re doing okay Nick. You will find an amazing woman one day soon! I know it!!!” and a third person adding, “I just watched the finale…..OMG……I was stunned! I respect the way you left and you are amazing! :/”

According to the Inquisitr, Nick Viall has gotten plenty of support from social media followers. Many believe that he should be given a chance to find love on The Bachelor. In fact, Nick has been doing plenty of interviews after getting dumped again, and his answers could be starting some new rumors.

“So funny how when you have friends that are the opposite sex people always want to assume there is something more,” Nick Viall tweeted after doing a few interviews and posting pictures with a few women.

It sounds like he isn’t planning on dating anytime soon. What do you think of Nick Viall possibly being the next Bachelor contestant?

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