Can Wiz Khalifa Ever Make A Song Bigger Than ‘See You Again’?

In Wiz Khalifa’s relatively young career, it seems he has a small chance of topping “See You Again.” Wiz Khalifa’s hit stayed No. 1 on the charts for 12 weeks, tying the record for longest No. 1 rap track.

For Khalifa to try and create another hit like this would be an enormous task. His career peaks now. “See You Again” has been everywhere over these past few months, and it’s given Khalifa a path to the next level of stardom.

Wiz is still riding high off its success, even past the movie that inspired it. Though it’s no longer at the top of the charts, it’s still high up there, currently at No. 5. Wiz fans are still going to want hear “See You Again” at any future shows and appearances. Who knows how long the buzz will remain, and what forms the song may take through remixes and remakes? Wiz made a classic.

Wiz Khalifa told The New Zealand Herald how he felt about the track in an interview before he travels to NZ for a show later this year.

“I feel like it’s so fresh, everything just happened just now, I’m going to be living off this for the next couple of months, and then into years.”

The buzz hasn’t worn off, and even a version of the song without Wiz Khalifa is rising in the AC radio market. So, expect to hear a mix with only Charlie Puth played in elevators, at doctors offices, and at your mom’s house.

Actually, there seems to be another chance for Wiz Khalifa to craft such a huge song. He has to recreate the same vibe. If he and Charlie Puth can collaborate another time, and not just leave it at this one successful collaboration, we can have some guaranteed hits. As a matter of fact, why not make an album together? Sure, the two are coming from different genres of music, but haven’t they proven combining a heaven-high falsetto and bare piano with a rap vocal and beat meld nicely into each other?

Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa, forget your future solo albums. You are better together than apart. Who knows what the combination of your creative minds will bring next? You guys could even help establish a new genre together.

Wiz doesn’t need Amber Rose. She’s only caused him problems. But Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth? There, you have magic.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]