'Friends' Revelations That Change Everything: Ross's Other Baby, Monica's Hidden Pregnancy, And Why Did Phoebe Have Triplets?

Stacey Cole

Friends may have ended more than a decade ago, but local Friends fans still tune into its local reruns every time it's playing on TV. But even die-hard Friends fans may not be aware of some of the quirky decisions that went into the making of the show.

With fresh rumors circulating the web that the highly anticipated Friends reunion may finally happen, we look back on Friends and filter out a few interesting facts that may change the way you look at your favorite show.

Ross Was Supposed To Have A Baby With Elizabeth, Not Rachel

Remember when Ross received his anonymous teacher evaluations in Season 6, only to find that he has an admirer among his students? Yes, that student -- Elizabeth (played by Alexandra Holden) -- could have turned out to be the mother of Ross's child -- for a while, at least.

According to Comic Book Resources, Friends creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane had already approved the script for the seventh season, in which Ross is stunned to find out that his former student and then-girlfriend was pregnant with his child.

The reason that it did not quite work out was that the writers of the show had already envisioned a pregnant Rachel in the following season, and if Elizabeth was also to have a baby, it would not only have complicated the plot, but made it look contrived, too. To that end, then, Friends producers decided to get rid of Elizabeth for good, leading to an abrupt end to the Ross-Elizabeth relationship that ended up lasting only five episodes.

A bit sad, isn't it?

Now, let's get down to some even more interesting Friends trivia. Since we have been talking about Elizabeth, do you remember who played her dad? Bruce Willis, of course.

According to the Huffington Post, Bruce Willis agreed to play a cameo as Paul Stevens in Season 6 of Friends after losing a bet to Matthew Perry.

Paul Stevens, if you remember, told Ross to stop dating his daughter. Ross asked Paul for a chance so that he could impress him, and got a full two minutes to put forward his case. Sadly, Bruce Willis wasn't impressed. Die hard, Ross!

Lisa Kudrow's Pregnancy Was Written Into The Show, While Courtney Cox's Wasn't

On the topic of Friends pregnancies, do you remember Phoebe being pregnant with her brother's triplets in Season 4? That was not actually planned initially, but since Lisa Kudrow was pregnant in real life, it was written into Friends.

However, in the final season, when Courteney Cox was pregnant with her daughter, Coco, Friends producers had to use props to hide her pregnancy since it was already established that Monica and Chandler could not have kids.

Then there's the fact that Monica was never intended to marry Chandler, but that's another story entirely!

[Photo: Wikipedia, Wikimedia]