Sean Malone Dies: ‘Gone Baby Gone’ Actor Was 54

Sean Malone, who is best known for his role in Gone Baby Gone, has died at the age of 54. The Boston Fire Department confirmed the actor died of injuries sustained in a near-drowning accident — which occurred last week.

On July 20, Malone was observed swimming away from South Boston’s M Street Beach. Off-duty firefighter Chris Flaherty, who was working out at the L Street Bathhouse, said he was concerned, as the man continued drifting further away from the shore.

With the assistance of a paddleboard, Flaherty swam an estimated 40 yards toward the actor’s general location. However, by the time he got there, Malone disappeared under water.

The off-duty firefighter eventually caught the attention of three teenage boys, who were in a small powerboat. Elliott Chauvet, 17, Joey Binda, 17, and John Feeney, 18, helped Chris Flaherty board the boat and assisted in his search for the missing actor.

As reported by the Boston Globe, the off-duty firefighter and three teenage boys eventually located Sean Malone. Unfortunately, he was unresponsive. Flaherty and the teens worked together to pull the unconscious man out of the water and perform CPR.

When they arrived back at the beach, the actor was rushed to Boston Medical Center. Although Malone survived the near-drowning, he was listed in critical condition.

As reported by E!, the actor remained in a coma and did not regain consciousness. Sean Malone died on Wednesday evening, surrounded by his family.

In addition to Gone Baby Gone, the late actor appeared in several other films, including The Fighter, The Forger, Leo, Scalpers, and Whaling City.

Malone’s family expressed gratitude to Chris Flaherty, Elliott Chauvet, Joey Binda, and John Feeney for their selfless act of kindness. They also thanked the staff at Boston Medical Center for their care and support.

Although Sean Malone has died, his friends and family are grateful for those who attempted to save his life.

[Image via Ethan Miller / Getty Images]