Wilmer Flores Crying: Baseball Player Cries During Game — Thought He Was Traded From The Mets [Video]

The quote from the famous Tom Hanks baseball movie that claims “there’s no crying in baseball” is being repeated often on Thursday. That’s because Wilmer Flores from the Mets cried during a baseball game because rumors spread via social media that he was being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, as reported by Time‎. Reports on Twitter had spread that the Mets had traded Flores, yet Wilmer remained in the game. As the audience applauded Flores, who was on the baseball mound on the field while playing, Wilmer was overcome with emotion and began crying.

The crying happened in the midst of a game on Wednesday — with the New York Mets going up against the San Diego Padres. That was when Flores, an infielder for the New York Mets, couldn’t fight back his emotions regarding the trade news. Wilmer was saddened to learn that he was being sent to the Milwaukee Brewers, away from his beloved Mets.

Although trade rumors had surfaced, they were incorrect. The news that made Flores cry during the baseball game ended up being wrong after all, reports Business Insider‎. Now, the immediate nature of Twitter is being blamed for the wrong news to be spread like wildfire.

Other Twitter users are noting that it’s not necessarily the social media platform itself that caused the problem that led to Wilmer crying over trade rumors. Twitter has been called simply a tool, such as TV, which is another medium that can be used for good or evil.

Even though the news ended up being incorrect about Flores being traded, Wilmer is being called the kind of bang-up baseball player with loyalty to his team that most teams would be grateful to have. On Today, Matt Lauer and Al Roker waxed nostalgic about the days when baseball players remained with baseball teams their entire careers. They contrasted those days against the days of Wilmer, when trades are more common.

The fact that Flores stayed in the baseball game and cried openly, as reported by Deadspin, is what has won the hearts of those who don’t normally see sports heroes express their emotions so openly. Especially within the arena of sports, which can be filled with machismo.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another video going viral besides Wilmer crying is the audio-taped interview with an author who spills Secret Service secrets and alleges Bill Clinton has a busty, blonde mistress.

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