Chelsea Houska’s Daughter, Aubree, Affected By ‘Bad Dad’ Adam Lind On ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Chelsea Houska’s daughter is acting out in school, and her “bad dad” Adam Lind may be to blame. In a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, shared by Radar Online on July 30, Chelsea Houska admits Aubree has a “hard time adjusting” after she returns home from visits with Lind.

In the report, Lind is labeled a “monster father,” as his daughter is seen screaming at the top of her lungs after her mother, Chelsea Houska, is informed of an incident she was involved in at school, during which the 5-year-old scratched another child in her class.

During the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska has been seen growing concerned about how Lind’s bad boy ways may be impacting their daughter. In the months leading up to filming, Lind was accused of an assault, as well as steroid use, by his ex-girlfriend. And although he denies having used steroids, and charges of assault were eventually dropped, Aubree’s sudden violent behavior raises serious questions about what goes down during her visits with Lind.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Chelsea Houska has called out Lind’s bad parenting on a number of occasions, both on the show and in the press. Most recently, the reality star spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment, claiming Lind hasn’t stepped up as a father to Aubree.

“I don’t really consider what Adam and I have to be co-parenting, because he has supervised visits every other weekend, so he doesn’t really have the responsibilities of a parent. I’m just parenting and he’s just visiting.”

Luckily, Aubree has another man in her life, whom Chelsea Houska is a big fan of: her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer. Weeks ago, Chelsea Houska told In Touch Weekly the following of DeBoer.

“We will be [living together] soon — within a month. I have my own house, so he’ll be moving in with me. [Aubree] loves Cole. Adam [Lind, Aubree’s troubled father] is not a part of my life anymore. So Cole has taken on the parent role. He is so good with Aubree. I don’t see my life without Cole.”

Chelsea Houska’s daughter has been restricted to supervised visits with Lind in the past, but according to Houska, his parents, who are supposed to be on hand when he has her, don’t follow the rules of the custody agreement.

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