‘RHONY’ Star Bethenny Frankel Claims She Is Not ‘Heidi Fleiss’ As Ramona Singer Slams Her For Not Bringing Her ‘Hot Men’

Bethanny Frankel may have tried her best to hook up Ramona Singer in the last episode of the Real Housewives of New York, but Singer was having none of it. While Dorinda Medley and Carole Radziwill flew to London to pick up her husband’s ashes, Frankel had a party to promote her Skinnygirl brand.

Although the party was held to promote her new cocktails, Frankel stated that she wanted to have some men there to satisfy her fellow reality stars. “I want to have good looking guys in the room because LuAnn, Ramona and Sonja are going to be there,” she stated. “They have expectations and I want to make sure they have someone to look at, someone to talk to.”

Despite her attempts, Singer wasn’t happy with the results. “Not to be, like, negative, but I don’t really see that many men here,” Singer related to Frankel during the party. “Where are these hot men I’m supposed to meet?’

At one point during the party, Frankel brought over the bartender to try and introduce him to Singer, who promptly dismissed him. “Bethenny told me there would be a lot of men here, but you know what, she didn’t follow through,” Singer stated.

Singer ended up leaving the party before it ended because “there’s really nothing going on here.”

Meanwhile, in her blog post following the episode, Frankel addressed Singer’s actions and dissatisfaction with the selection of men at the party.

“Those guys who delivered the invite were HOT. They were at the party along with a whole other slew of eye candy,” Frankel wrote. “My name isn’t Heidi Fleiss, and I do try to work when not trying to get Ramona laid.”

Frankel added that she almost lost it when Singer rejected the bartender. “When she called out the bartender for his profession, I almost passed out. I wouldn’t say what she said to anyone,” she wrote, adding “Ramona is painfully awkward, and if she isn’t getting exactly what she wants, she pouts and stomps.”

Although Singer may have had some issues with the men at the party, Sonja Morgan did not. In fact, Morgan chipped a tooth when she tried to take a shirt off one of the men at the party.

“All I know is these guys were looking at me,” Morgan stated. “One in particular showed me his cuff, pointed to his button, and all I could think was rip that thing off. Next thing I know, tooth was flying out of my face.”

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[Image Courtesy: Gary Gershoff/Getty]