Leah Messer Continues To Scream At Her Kids On ‘Teen Mom’: Is Corey Concerned?

Leah Messer is back on Teen Mom this season, and she has plenty of issues to deal with. Not only is her ex-husband, Corey Simms, taking legal action to get more time with his children, but her relationship with Jeremy Calvert is also falling apart. The two have since divorced because Jeremy didn’t recognize his wife anymore. Leah was not the same woman he married.

Plus, Leah Messer has been dealing with accusations of drug use. Leah admits that she has taken prescription drugs, but she wanted to deal with her anxiety head-on. Sadly, this season of Teen Mom is making Leah look like the mother from hell.

According to a new Radar Online report, Leah Messer is back to screaming in front of her children this week. Last week, Messer screamed at Jeremy for criticizing her messy car in front of her kids, but this week the screaming is directed at her child.

“I just feel stressed out now,” Leah reveals to a friend, adding, “I forgot today’s the first day they’ve been back. Maybe it’s the transition from his house to my house. Ali does good, it’s more Gracie.”

But it doesn’t take long for Leah Messer’s daughter, Aleeah Grace, to flip out. She starts screaming, which doesn’t sit well with Messer. Rather than address the screaming child in an understanding manner, Leah starts yelling at her child.

“Gracie! Get that right now,” Leah shouts, adding, “I’m not playing. You’re going to pick that up! You’re not going to act like this in front of people. Do you understand? I’ve had enough. I don’t know why you’re acting like this.”

While Messer is merely trying to teach her daughter that screaming in front of people is not acceptable, Aleeah is clearly just stressing Leah out.

Leah’s life is changing now that the Teen Mom cameras are leaving her home behind. Leah’s husband filed for divorce, and they are no longer together. In addition, Corey Simms is planning on leaving the show behind. It is very possible that he is a bit concerned for his children, as he is watching Leah scream at the twins on Teen Mom.

According to the Inquisitr, Leah Messer was just called a mother from hell last week, when she ignored her youngest daughter, who was forced to sit under a backpack in her crowded car.

What do you think of Leah Messer screaming at her children? Are you concerned for her well-being?

[Image via MTV]