Peyton Manning Chocolate Statue: NFL Star Gets Sweet Tribute [Video]

Peyton Manning’s football career has been immortalized in many ways. He’s had his name etched on one Super Bowl ring, five MVP trophies, and the countless other awards that fill his trophy cases. However, none of these awards are as sweet as the chocolate statue that’s being sculpted in his honor.

According to ESPN, a professional sculptor named Tim King is working on the chocolate Peyton Manning statue. The Longmont, Colorado native will spend about a month creating a larger-than-life (30 percent larger, to be exact) sugary sculpture, and he plans on displaying it at Colorado’s Choctoberfest. During an interview with Fox 31 Denver, King talked about all the prep work that goes into creating a life-like human statue out of chocolate. This included carefully studying images of Peyton Manning before creating a clay sculpture.

“I started with a positive sculpture made out of clay, and in order to cast any limited editions of that I have to put rubber outside of that to make a negative image and then we can cast other things inside of that negative copy.”

To form the final product, King will cast the sculpture in plaster, cure it, and spray it with liquid chocolate. King’s creation will have that unsavory chalking filling because he doesn’t want Peyton Manning’s moneymaker to completely melt off before it’s unveiled.

“I needed to make sure that it didn’t fall apart, I wouldn’t want Peyton’s arm to fall off right before the festival.”

Fox Sports reports that the chocolate Peyton Manning statue will weigh approximately 300 pounds, and it will include the scar from Manning’s neck surgery. The sculpture will not include the Broncos logo because King doesn’t want to incur the wrath of the NFL’s trademark police. Manning’s number will be on his jersey as an identifying mark, but fans won’t need it — the statue is remarkably lifelike.

If you want to see the Manning sculpture in person, it will be on display at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado, on September 19. The video below shows a few of the statue’s details.

There’s no word on whether Tim King’s next project will be a Marshawn Lynch statue made out of Skittles.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some Denver Broncos fans are worried that the Peyton Manning era is over, and there’s even been chatter that his team talked about trading him. Perhaps Peyton fans better start praying that his football career doesn’t melt faster than his tasty chocolate face.

[Image credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images]