‘The Bachelorette’ Star Nick Viall Claims Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘Broke The Rules’

Nick Viall is a firm believer that Kaitlyn Bristowe broke the rules on this season of The Bachelorette. After coming up short yet again in the reality dating series, Viall told former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky that Bristowe told him “I love you” on more than one occasion.

“We told each other a bunch of times… I was very lucky that… obviously, there’s the fantasy suite, but she requested a lot of extra time. We really enjoyed our private time together.”

Viall added that he was shocked when Bristowe said those three little words, especially since it is against the rules. “She’s not allowed to say that, even technically in private,” he stated.

Fedotowsky agreed with Viall. “When I was on the Bachelorette, the producers were always like, ‘Don’t tell someone you love them! Don’t tell them!’ ” she explained. “It’s a rule. You’re not supposed to say it, because you can change your mind. They say, ‘Don’t say it until the end just in case.’ “

Meanwhile, according to People, Bristowe and her final pick, Shawn Booth, recently made fun of Viall’s reaction to being rejected. In particular, the two discussed when Viall threw the ring he had purchased with Bristowe in Ireland out his car window.

“I thought it was funny – a weak toss, but that was expected… I would have gone overhand. He would go under.”

At the same time, Viall responded to Booth’s jabs the following day on Good Morning America. “Shawn really enjoys saying things about me,” Viall stated. “It just seems weird, like why he would talk about me so much.”

As Viall recovers from his rejection of The Bachelorette, many have speculated that he might be up to become the next lead man on The Bachelor. Although he’s had a few heartbreaking runs in the reality dating world, Viall hasn’t ruled out the possibility.

“It’s one of those things I’d have to obviously spend a lot of time [discussing] with my family and friends,” he told Us.

“But I can’t say that I wouldn’t. It’s certainly something that I’d have to take into serious consideration, because I want to take it seriously. I really want to do it only if I felt like it could really work for me.”

While Viall considers his television future, he went on to add that he’s ready to start dating again. “I’m excited to be out there. I am excited to get back out there and meet a great girl.”

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[Image Courtesy: ABC]