Carlos Gomez Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Brewers Push For Trade Following Breakdown With New York Mets

Carlos Gomez trade rumors come right from the Milwaukee Brewers now. The Brewers still plan to trade Gomez by the MLB trade deadline (July 31), even after the debacle that took place with the New York Mets. A report from Bob Nightengale at USA Today states that the Brewers rejected a trade with the Mets due to concerns with the physical given to pitcher Zack Wheeler. Now the team has regrouped in an effort to find another suitor. This could mean that several new teams enter the picture to try to make a deal with the Brewers.

While it seemed like a deal was already in place between the two teams, there has been a lot of drama about which team actually backed out of it. FOX MLB analyst Ken Rosenthal reported that the Mets backed out of the trade due to concern over a hip issue Gomez has had. That led to agent Scott Boras speaking out about his client (Gomez) in an effort to help spur further Carlos Gomez trade rumors. It may have worked. As for what Boras had to say, he was pretty succinct in his response.

“Carlos Gomez has never seen a hip doctor and has never had a hip issue in his playing career. Anyone who suggests that is inaccurate and baldly misrepresenting the truth of the player’s condition.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the New York Mets were offering pitcher Zack Wheeler and infielder Wilmer Flores in exchange for Gomez. It’s a nice offer and likely something that other teams will have to either match or beat in upcoming negotiations. It’s unclear if the Milwaukee Brewers have lost the upper hand by showcasing that the team is willing to part ways with Gomez right away. With all the teams that could use a good outfielder (including the Mets), it is likely that the Brewers should have no trouble getting a new deal in place by Friday.

Teams that need to improve in the outfield include the Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants, and Seattle Mariners. The Mariners would be looking for a deal that helps the team in the 2016 MLB season, but could be an interesting team to enter these negotiations. The Orioles and Giants need additional outfield help to make a run at the postseason, though the Giants may now be pleased with the return of Nori Aoki from the disabled list. There is also the potential that an unexpected team enters the mix as a way to have a really good hitter and Gold Glove outfielder for next year.

Despite all the drama that took place on Wednesday (July 29), the Carlos Gomez trade rumors aren’t about to die down. The only known fact is that it seems the New York Mets are out of the picture, but it shouldn’t be hard for the Milwaukee Brewers to deal an All-Star outfielder making only $9 million next year.

[Image Source: Jason O. Watson/Getty Images]