Sam Smith Speaks Up For Persecuted Gay People Worldwide

British soul singer Sam Smith is openly gay. Smith is comfortable with his sexuality, proud of who he is and happy to discuss the prejudice and persecution that gay people across the world face simply as a result of their sexuality. As previously reported in Inquisitr Sam has revealed that in the past he has been assaulted for being gay and has even revealed that he would much rather “be called a f****t than be called fat.”

Whilst Sam is relaxed and open about his sexuality he realizes that this is a luxury denied to many gay people throughout the world. Sam has once again shown that he has a deep understanding of the plight faced by many and has given another glimpse into how deeply the issues affect him. According to Pink News, Smith has taken to social media platform Twitter to reveal his concerns for those denied the right to love who they wish.

Sam recently told Guardian that he was concerned about the plight of people who do not have the freedom to express their sexuality and indicated that he intends to establish a charity to raise money to help gay people in other countries to fight repression and to gain equal rights.

“Sorry to get so deep, but it kills me. I don’t understand why more of us aren’t doing something about it. I’ll leave it there.”

Sam is clearly keen to use his celebrity status to keep the plight of gay people in the public eye. Smith has said that he is determined to “become a voice for gay youth in difficulty around the world.” He is especially concerned to help people who are unable to “come out” for whatever reason.

Sam says “I’m very aware that we are not where we should be, so I’m trying to play my part. But in a certain way, in my way.”

“I may not be comfortable with my weight, or with the way I look, but I’m really comfortable with my sexuality. That’s one thing I have mastered.”

It is clear that Sam Smith thinks deeply about equality issues and that by openly discussing the issues Sam is determined to keep the matter in the public eye.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]