‘Everything Is Awesome’ As Princess Yellow Feather Sings The Song From ‘The Lego Movie’ [Videos]

Princess Yellow Feather is an amazing Amazon parrot captured on video in the Birds on Safari pet shop in Stuart, Florida. Singing “Everything is Awesome,” the hit song from the Hollywood film The Lego Movie, she’s causing quite the stir on YouTube.

The video of Princess Yellow Feather’s musical talent was published to YouTube by Birds on Safari on July 27 and is already heading towards 200,000 views. The video is also gaining views in its Facebook version, which was posted July 28. In the description the pet shop said: “Princess Yellow Feather declares that Everything is Awesome.”

In the video above, watch Princess Yellow Feather, feathers all ruffled up, burst into song in the pet shop.

While a lot of commenters on the video on both YouTube and Facebook think it’s a fake, Birds on Safari posted another video on July 29, giving a close up of Princess Yellow Feather singing a brief clip from “Everything is Awesome” before breaking into her favorite musical phrase from the old Carpenters’ hit song “Close to You,” which can be viewed below.

Then there was the rather more embarrassing situation where a Moluccan cockatoo named Peaches “entertained” her new owners by reenacting arguments she overheard just prior to her previous owners’ rather messy divorce.

Peaches often spontaneously explodes into occasionally expletive-laden tirades, shaking her head from side to side. The video on the article shows the cockatoo in full form.

You definitely couldn’t say that “Everything is Awesome” for Peaches and her new owners!

[Image: Screengrabs from YouTube videos]