What Harry Styles’ Scrabble Love Says About Him

Everything that Harry Styles does and says is carefully monitored by the fans that adore him — but what does his love about the word-game Scrabble say about him?

On July 22, New Next Now reports that fans were delighted on Harry Styles Appreciation Day to learn that he had a “geeky” hobby — and he even tweets about it. For example, in the past, Harry Styles tweeted that he lost a round of Scrabble — to his mum.

Regardless, it is already well-known by Harry Styles fans that he has a long history with Scrabble. In 2012, some of the first instances of him admitting that he loved the game came about because Harry Styles allegedly bonded with Taylor Swift over Scrabble.

However, does his love of Scrabble give clues about Harry Styles that his fans should note? Interestingly, the character of Scrabble players has been in the news lately — and it is likely that some of this applies to Harry Styles (and may show why he is so alluring to fans).

For instance, on May 6, 2014, Cosmopolitan says, “If he dominates at Scrabble, consider him a great candidate for siring your future child.”

About Scrabble, according to the former Director of the National Scrabble Association, John Williams, there are certain smarts involved with the game that Harry Styles likely has. In particular, to be a good player, Harry Styles must have good “math and spatial” abilities in addition to a good vocabulary.

The Huffington Post UK gives a clue about why Harry Styles might be so popular and says, “If you want to succeed in life, learn Scrabble.” They then back up their claims by stating the following.

“[I]f you want to succeed at life, the story of Scrabble teaches us the importance of lateral thinking, of letting ideas breathe and evolve, and of drawing from the expertise of others. Whereas Monopoly teaches you to be a ruthless, autonomous criminal, a wider understanding of Scrabble infuses you with the sort of attitudes and ideas that lie behind all success stories.”

In the end, one of the biggest clues about Harry Styles may be found in a new advertisement by Lola Madrid.

About the 80-second mini-film “Scrabble Anagram Lovers,” Director Pancho Cassis told Adweek on May 27, “The idea of using anagrams was a way to salute the intelligence of avid Scrabble players, but by using a love story, the spot became universal.”

As if they were speaking about Harry Styles directly, Adweek adds that the primary goal of the Scrabble commercial is “to convey that words are magical and powerful, and that they connect us with people.”

[Feature image via C. Flanigan/Getty Images]