Krampus: Toni Collette Would Love To Sic Her New Co-Star On Donald Trump

Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon whose job is to basically whip kids into being nice around Christmas. This Christmas, Legendary Pictures will be bringing a much more sinister version of the Christmas Devil to a theater near you. Before you write it off as another B-Movie with no name actors, think twice. Krampus stars Toni Collette of Little Miss Sunshine and Adam Scott of Parks and Recreation.

Krampus looks to harken back to the days of Gremlins to draw its inspiration. Adam Scott tried to explain to the Los Angeles Times the feel of the film.

“It’s the kind of movie that is very scary – but up until it gets scary it’s as if you’re watching a ‘Vacation’ movie or ‘Parenthood.’ It’s a kind of movie we haven’t seen in quite some time.”

Mike Dougherty echoed Scott’s remarks. He mentioned that Weta Workshop has worked on Krampus. Weta is known for the physical manufacturing of props for movies and shows. Some of their past work includes the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as well as Avatar. Dougherty explained to the Hollywood Reporter in a simple sentence why he decided to go with more practical effects.

“The slime looks so much better when it’s real.”

Krampus was somewhat sandwiched between two upcoming releases from Legendary at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Guillermo del Torro’s Crimson Peak and the long-awaited theatrical adaptation of the hugely popular MMO World of Warcraft simply titled Warcraft. That didn’t stop the stars of the show from making their rounds doing interviews.

Toni Collette spoke with Clevver Movies about her character’s motivation in the movie.

“My Character, Sarah, is the matriarch of the family, and she is very uptight and a perfectionist. And, she uses Christmas as a chance to kind of unify the family which doesn’t work.”

“That’s why Krampus comes to them. They’ve lost their way.”

As the reporter moves on, her final question to Toni Collette was rather odd. She asks her who she feels deserves to be punished or killed by a Krampus. Collette’s response was a very popular person trying to become the presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

“You mean like Donald Trump.”

Collette had a smile on her face most of the time prior to the answer so I’m sure it was meant to be tongue-and-cheek, but it makes one wonder.

Krampus is set to hit theaters December 4. Legendary brought a trailer to Comic Con, but it has yet to be released to the public. What do you think? Has Krampus starring Toni Collette jumped to top of you Christmas wish list?

[Photo from Official Krampus Facebook Page]