‘iZombie’ Creator Teases Love And Disaster For Liv Moore

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for iZombie.

iZombie creator Rob Thomas was recently asked (grilled?) about the idea of bringing in Bradley James for such a short time in iZombie’s first season. Rob pointed out that sometimes a subplot created solely to advance the primary plot backfires and, as was the case with iZombie fans, prompts negative feedback from viewers. This was very much the case when iZombie creator Rob Thomas brought in Lowell Tracy (Bradley James) to romance Liv Moore (Rose McIver) only to kill the character off a few short episodes later.

Thomas was proud of the way that particular subplot ended and merged with the overall conflict between Liv and Blaine (David Anders), but the iZombie executive producer admits he wasn’t prepared for the backlash via social media. He also wasn’t expecting iZombie fans to latch on to the idea of the odd zombie love story as quickly as they did.

“The response to the death of Lowell..I had no idea how that—that shocked me,” said iZombie‘s E.P. Thomas.

It seems there will be little chance of Liv finding a new love interest in the second season of iZombie, particularly with so many feeling animosity toward Liv. It also seems that Rose McIver’s iZombie is going to have her hands full between solving mysteries and dealing with the side effects of the cure created by Ravi (Rahul Kohli).

“That was a very untested cure and it will have side effects that will come into play pretty significantly with Blaine,” the iZombie executive producer said. “You’ll start to see the side effects in episode one of season two. And it won’t be the only one.”

There was one other to have been given Ravi’s zombie cure in the first season of iZombie and that rat certainly isn’t immune to those side effects, as Rob Thomas suggests, so the infected rodent will definitely play into the second season.

“You’ll have in this little glass cage the opportunity to preview what might be happening to Blaine and Major.”

iZombie will introduce a kind of supervillain in season two, as Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) is brought back in an even more sinister role. It can’t be denied that Steven Weber definitely brought something unique to the villainous role and iZombie fans will get to see more of that, as the Max Rager CEO takes it upon himself to eliminate the undead.

“Essentially, Max Rager has decided it’s in their business interests to eliminate all the zombies in Seattle,” Thomas said. “Suddenly, zombies are going to start disappearing. And one of the things that that will result in will be Liv and Blaine [becoming] very stragne bedfellows.”

The iZombie season premiere will air on Tuesday October 6 on the CW network.

[Featured image: Rob Thomas courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]