Actress Mia Farrow Tweets Address Of Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion — Did She Go Too Far?

Mia Farrow, like many others, took to Twitter on Wednesday to angrily denounce the murder of Cecil the lion by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, but Farrow took her aggression one step further than most angry tweeters when she published Palmer’s address on her account.

Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who paid more than $50,000 to hunt Cecil, has faced worldwide backlash for the death of the beloved lion. While multiple celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel and Ricky Gervais have publicly proclaimed their disgust over Palmer’s actions, Farrow kicked her outrage up a notch by tweeting the message “‘CecilTheLion -Gentle protector of 6 cubs. Loved by many. Killed by Dentist Walter Palmer,” followed by Palmer’s address.

Many Twitter users assumed Farrow had posted Palmer’s home address, though it was later confirmed that it was his business address. Regardless, the interaction resulted in a lot of backlash for Farrow and many users asking Twitter to suspend Farrow’s account.

@MiaFarrow If this dentist ends up dead, his blood will be on your hands. Just like that lion’s is on his.Think before you act, woman!

— dash (@kausherthoughts) July 30, 2015

Others applauded Farrow for the tweet which was deleted shortly after it was posted.

This isn’t the first time that a tweet by Mia Farrow has drawn criticism. In January, Farrow tweeted out a birthday message to her daughter Quincy. While it seemed like a harmless “happy birthday,” closer inspection of the picture of Quincy Farrow revealed that Mia had done a search for “Mia Farrow and her black children” in order to locate the picture. Though Farrow quickly realized her mistake, it wasn’t before screenshots were captured and the photo went viral, with many criticizing Farrow for having to do a search for a picture of her own child.

Farrow’s post today, however, was obviously intentional, though possibly not carefully well-thought-out. Considering the level of outrage and fury already being expressed toward Dr. Palmer for Cecil the lion’s death, one has to wonder if Farrow was socially irresponsible or a vigilante hero seeking justice for the lion.

What do you think? Was Mia Farrow out of line or right on target with her tweet?

[Image courtesy of Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]