Zayn Malik Signs New Record Deal, Says He Wants To Make ‘Real Music’

After losing former band member Zayn Malik, it seems One Direction is being knocked down another peg. After leaving the band this past March, Malik claimed he quit because he wanted to be a “normal” 22-year old, but now it seems Zayn went back on that declaration by inking a new record deal. The Daily Mail noticed a tweet from Malik that expressed his feelings about the record deal and more or less explained why he left One Direction.

Malik’s tweets expressed a close bond with his former band mates, but made it clear that he was moving in a new direction. Whereas he was signed to Simon Cowell’s SyCo Entertainment when he was part of One Direction, Malik will now be signed to RCA Records. The Mirror mentioned that there was no love lost between Cowell and Zayn, however, and Simon even wished Zayn good luck going forward with his solo career.

The Mirror added that with this new record deal, Malik will still be part of the Sony Entertainment family as RCA is owned by Sony. The new deal puts Malik on the same label as artists like Christina Aguilera, The Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, and Kelly Clarkson. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that Malik’s new music video recently leaked.

Digital Spy noted that Simon Cowell would not sign Malik to SyCo Entertainment because Cowell wanted to focus on One Direction and felt having both bands on his label would be unfair. One Direction was formed on the reality show The X Factor in 2011 after PussyCat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger suggested its five members perform as a group act. The Twitter fan outpouring for Malik has been rampant, with One Direction supporters congratulating Malik and getting excited to hear the music that will come about as a result of his new record deal.

In addition to “No Type,” Zayn also dropped a track titled “I Won’t Mind,” which features rapper Naughty Boy. Ironically, Naughty Boy had been feuding with One Direction for some before “I Won’t Mind” came out. Whether the selection was intentional or not, it’s definitely an interesting coincidence.

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