Louis Tomlinson A Future Bad Dad? Rosie, Elsie Prove Otherwise

Louis Tomlinson’s rumored baby has been a hot topic over the past month, and many celebrities have chimed in to tell their thoughts. However, will Louis Tomlinson be a good dad and is there anything to support this?

Unfortunately, the rumored mother of Louis Tomlinson’s child, Briana Jungwirth, has an ex-man-friend that says he is worried Louis Tomlinson will be a bad dad.

On July 28, Maxx Feldman told Heat World, “I’m sure the child will be looked after financially, but I do wonder how much he is going to be able to contribute, and is he going to be a prominent figure in the baby’s life?”

Although Louis Tomlinson is still very much a young person that enjoys antics like stomping on a Naughty Boy pinata, there are two very clear signs that Louis Tomlinson will be the best dad any child could want. Furthermore, there is proof that these signs are predictive indicators of a good father.

In particular, those two clues that show Louis Tomlinson may be a natural at fatherhood are Rosie and Elsie. Who are these two females — and should Louis Tomlinson fans be jealous?

Sadly, when Louis Tomlinson tweets, some of his Twitter posts are more popular than others — and those popular tweets usually detail him thanking fans.

However, if fans watch Louis Tomlinson’s tweets carefully, it soon becomes clear that there are two people very dear to him named Rosie and Elsie.

Are Rosie and Elsie close friends or family to Louis Tomlinson? Should Briana Jungwirth be concerned?

Instead, there is a study that shows Briana Jungwirth should be delighted to see Louis Tomlinson tweeting about Rosie and Elsie — and the fact that he tweets about them might be why she adores Louis Tomlinson so much.

Throughout the past year, Louis Tomlinson has been tweeting about Rosie, while Elsie is fairly new. What do these two females have in common besides Louis Tomlinson?

After watching the videos Louis Tomlinson has posted about Rosie and Elsie — it becomes apparent that Louis is very dedicated to fatal childhood illnesses such as acute myeloid leukemia.

Of course, Louis Tomlinson and One Direction are smart gents that know using their fame to help other people with their struggles is important — but they do more than just give money and also give their time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in addition to supporting a long list of charity events and causes, One Direction and Louis Tomlinson also have charities they are personally supporting along with their new #Action1D campaign.

Despite the band working together for charity, Louis Tomlinson has continued to get fans to support children like Rosie and Elsie — one tweet at a time.

Over the last week of July, Louis Tomlinson posted on Twitter about Elsie and asked fans to get to know her cause. It was also revealed that Louis Tomlinson would fly back to England to host a charity ball that is specifically for children that are terminally ill.

According to a Music News post on July 29, Louis Tomlinson will take time off between concerts in America to host the Cinderella Ball for the Charity Believe in Magic event in London, England, UK on August 10.

Louis Tomlinson’s interest in charity certainly can indicate that he is a good person with a heart of gold — but does this also indicate that he will be a good dad?

Interestingly, studies have shown that when men like Louis Tomlinson give to charity, women find them more attractive — and women also think that these types of men will make better fathers.

Cited by multiple publications, the 2014 study by One4All Gift Cards in the UK states the following.

“Giving what you can, no matter how little, is viewed as an attractive quality, so you don’t need to bust the bank to help — the results show how people appreciate charitableness in general, with both men and women feeling that those who possess this trait make better friends, better parents, and also believed them to be better people in general.”

[Feature image via Suzi Pratt/Getty Images]