Stuntman Tries To Ram Through A Flaming Wall — But Only Gets Run Over By His Own Truck [Viral Video]

Disclaimer: Video contains graphic content.

A stuntman tried to ram through a flaming wall. The stunt is call the “human battering ram.” However, his Jeep Cherokee never felt more heavy as it rolled over his body. Did he survive?

As things started out, the stunt was going according to plan. Tyler, as what the announcer called the name of the stuntman, was headed toward the flaming wall. However, he wasn’t inside of the truck. He was actually tied to the hood.

The announcer had the crowd hyped and ready to witness Tyler ride through the wall. Well, apparently, the stuntman wasn’t adequately tied to the Cherokee. After connecting with and breaking through the wall, Tyler was on fire. You can see him as he slides off the hood of the truck.

However, instead of falling off the side, the stuntman fell in front of the vehicle as it continued rolling forward — at nearly the same speed it was going when it hit the flaming obstacle. Unfortunately, you could see the front and back tires roll over him and somewhat drag him along.

Yet, he recovered immediately. Seemingly okay, the stuntman trotted over to the side, but it can be seen that he was holding his abdomen.

From the audio, the crowd gasped and expressed serious concern about the stuntman. Even a baby cried. It could’ve been far worse. Nevertheless, Tyler was able to walk away with his life.

What are your thoughts? What do you think happened to cause the stuntman to fall? Was it the fire or poor strapping? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

[Video and Photo Credits: YouTube]