Epic Fail: Teen Shows The World How To Shoot A Sawed-Off Shotgun ‘The Proper Way’ — Definitely Doesn’t End Well [Video]

Two teens apparently thought it would be entertaining to try out their latest toy — an illegal, sawed-off shotgun. In fact, they were so excited about the big moment, they decided to share their adventurous experience with the world. But, to their shock and dismay, things definitely didn’t turn out the way they may have initially envisioned. Needless to say, their target practice clip isn’t like any you’d see in a movie. Now, footage of their epic blunder has gone viral.

The 25-second clip begins with the two giggling teenage boys preparing to shoot the illegal firearm. The male filming the clip attempts to give the shooter instructions before firing. According to Mad World News, the guy filming is presumably the owner of the weapon as he seems to be very knowledgeable about the firearm. When asked where to shoot, the cameraman suggests “hip-firing” so the gun would be at waist-level when fired. But, apparently, the adventurous shooter didn’t feel that piece of advice was vital. So, he took matters into his own hands, hence the epic fail.

Instead of heeding the warning, he raises the shotgun to face-level. So, of course, when he fired, the gun jerked violently and hit him in the face. The footage of his epic firing failure has been shared on several social media networks and video sharing sites including YouTube and LiveLeak as most users agree that he should have simply taken the advice and spared himself the blunderous injury.

[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Capture]