Kim Kardashian Joins Lena Dunham, Mariah Carey, And Lady Gaga In Body Shaming Hall Of Fame

It’s been a trend to body shame women, and this week Kim Kardashian is the victim. Gossip Cop explains the controversy that was started by a tabloid magazine.

“The mean-spirited and body-shaming piece can be found in the new issue of In Touch, under the headline, ‘Uh-Oh, It’s Happening Again! Kim Can’t Stop Eating.’ According to the tabloid, while Kardashian gained a significant amount of weight during her first pregnancy, now her cravings this time around are even worse.”

The story, which has spread to other media outlets, has Kanye West desperately trying to monitor Kim Kardashian’s eating habits. Kim is also allegedly eating fast food behind Kanye’s back. Gossip Cop refutes the whole story.

Gossip Cop checked in with Kardashian’s rep, who exclusively tells us that, contrary to In Touch‘s claims, Kardashian hasn’t been ordered to follow a special diet all.”

Gossip Cop adds that Kardashian isn’t gorging herself like crazy, and that her spokesperson says the story is 100 percent false. So far, there hasn’t been any personal comment from Kim Kardashian herself. But she joins a long list of female celebrities who have been body shamed in one way or another.

A couple years ago, Lady Gaga showed up on stage looking heavier than usual. TMZ ran a cruel video and she was insulted in many other media outlets as well. Unlike Kardashian, who used her rep to speak out about the issue, Lady Gaga just let the issue roll off and posted several pictures of herself looking proud in her own body.

The website Jezebel offered a $10,000 bounty on untouched Vogue pictures of Lena Dunham. The actress, in the past, has been very vocal about “society’s insane and unattainable beauty standards,” according to Jezebel, and the website has called out the fashion magazine for their alleged alteration of her images. A couple of months later, Jezebel again revealed that Mariah Carey‘s pictures for Wonderland magazine have been altered. Body shaming, whether doing it passive-aggressively or not, has become a huge issue in the media, especially when it is done by other women.

The body-shaming story is not the only tabloid story surrounding Ms. Kardashian. The Hollywood Life reports that fans are suspicious that Kardashian has a fake baby bump.

“Kim Kardashian’s fluctuating baby bump has raised a few eyebrows, as some fans continue to suspect she is faking her pregnancy. “

The Hollyood Life goes on to note that Kardashian believes the false pregnancy story is absolutely hilarious. Kim Kardashian has been in the game long enough to realize that you can’t give tabloid stories and false accusations too much power. This is one of the reasons Kardashian has remained the most talked about celebrity in the world for so long.

[Photo by Tabatha Fireman / Getty Images]