Channing Tatum Quitting ‘X-Men’ Spin-Off ‘Gambit’? ‘Magic Mike’ Star May Exit First Live-Action Superhero Role [Video]

Channing Tatum quitting Gambit? That’s the buzz about Channing‘s 20th Century Fox superhero comic book film, reported MSN.

Just as Channing’s potential female co-stars were being tested, Tatum may be leaving director Rupert Wyatt searching first for a replacement, according to sources. And it’s not just the lead role that is in question. Partnered with Reid Carolin as a producer, Tatum may also be exiting that role on the X-Men spin-off.

Because Gambit currently has an autumn 2016 release date, the decision that Channing is rumored to be weighing must be made soon. Particularly baffling to those looking forward to seeing Tatum star as Gambit, Channing chatted up his role at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Gambit, alias New Orleans thief Remy LeBeau, was portrayed by Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

But it was Tatum’s passion that caused Gambit to go into production. And although it has yet to be confirmed, if Channing exits, it could cause problems for all involved, reported Forbes.

Would the studio continue without Tatum playing Gambit? Given the cost of $154 million, without a famous film star such as Channing, the odds aren’t in the movie’s favor.

When Taylor portrayed Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it had multiple factors in its favor. The X-Men movies’ success were a marketer’s dream, and Hugh Jackman teamed with Taylor to make it a success.

Moreover, even with Channing, the latest Magic Mike sequel bombed at the box office, reported Business Insider.

While the 2012 version of the stripper film brought in $39 million on its opening weekend, the five-day weekend debut of Magic Mike XXL earned $26.7 million, drastically below its estimated $45 million and $48 million earnings.

Among Tatum’s top films, however, are the original Magic Mike, according to ComicBook.

Channing also is known for the Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street, Foxcatcher, and The Book Of Life.

As for what Tatum is planning without the Gambit film, he and his producing partner are anticipating directing, according to the Wrap.

In addition, he’ll be appearing in Sony’s 23 Jump Street.

And if Channing does act in Gambit, it won’t be his first superhero role, reported the Huffington Post.

Although it would be his first turn as a live-action superhero in the X-Men spin-off, Tatum did take on the heroic challenge of Superman’s voice in The Lego Movie.

As the Inquisitr reported, Channing recently participated in the GLAAD Media Awards, which each year honors an openly LGBT media expert who has sought to promote equality. Tatum presented his White House Down director Roland Emmerich with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award.

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