Emotional Haka Tribute At Beloved Teacher’s Funeral Performed By Every Student [Video]

An emotional Haka tribute was performed by every single student at a New Zealand school to honor a teacher who passed away suddenly. The video is beautiful and emotional.

As the hearse containing the remains of the teacher entered school grounds, it came to a stop when the entire student body gathered to pay its last respects to the beloved educator. What we see in the video, which has garnered attention from around the world, including the famous All Blacks — New Zealand’s rugby team — is a beautiful tribute to the late man.

It was obviously something that touched the students profoundly. Dawson Tahana Tamatea — a teacher at Palmerston North Boy’s High School in the North Island — passed away in his sleep on July 20, according to reports.

Not only his students were deeply affected by Mr. Tamatea’s death, but his wife and three children are devastated with their loss. Students came up with the idea of doing a Haka tribute for the late teacher and the school posted it to Facebook and YouTube.

“Take a look at the official recording of the entire school performing the Haka during the arrival of Mr. Dawson Tamatea in the hearse. This was a very emotional and powerful performance. We are extremely proud of our boys’ performance and we know that Mr Tamatea would be too!”

Mr. Tamatea must have been, not only a remarkable teacher, but a wonderful human being to garner such emotion from his young students. They not only performed the Haka tribute, but wrote touching words in the guest book at his funeral service, which the school also shared on Facebook.

According to information on Facebook, Mr. Tamatea had been a staff member of Palmerston North Boys’ High School since 1986 when he joined the teaching staff. The school offered counseling for those students who needed help dealing with the death of the admired teacher.

“We are very conscious that Mr Tamatea’s passing will be difficult for many young men with whom he has had a close association as either a teacher, coach, manager or camp leader, as well as for many of our teachers who have known him for a long period of time.”

The remarkable sight of the students performing the Haka tribute has been praised all over the world and by the school’s principal, David Bovey who told ONE News, “It was absolutely spine-tingling” witnessing the Haka.”

Watch the emotional Haka tribute performed by the students at Palmerston North Boys’ High School in New Zealand in honor of Mr. Tamatea.

[Image via Facebook, Como Entertainment]