Woman’s Labor Pains Mistaken For ‘Kidney Stones,’ Mishap Reportedly Leads To Death Of Premature Daughter

Davina Neild had given birth to four children prior to her recent pregnancy. So, when she began having distinctive pains, she was more than sure her suffering was the result of labor pains. According to Opposing Views, Neild was rushed to Whiston Hospital in Liverpool, England, where she underwent a series of examinations. However, doctors insisted she was not pregnant and attributed her presumably simulated “labor pain” to kidney stones. But, unfortunately, their assumptions were incorrect.

Neild was discharged from the hospital only to be rushed back hours later after collapsing. She was transported back to Whiston Hospital and transferred to the Arrowe Park neonatal unit, where she gave birth to a premature baby girl who she and her husband, Christian, named Isla Doll.

Born on July 8, Isla was 15 weeks early, weighing only one pound, eight ounces. Unfortunately, the couple’s precious moments with their daughter were limited. It has been reported that she only survived five days — just enough time for them to receive an official birth certificate.

The grieving couple now has many mixed emotions in the wake of their precious daughter’s untimely death. According to the Liverpool Echo, the devastated mother feels doctors belittled and ignored her complaints and could have done more to aid her daughter if she had received proper treatment in a timely fashion. “If they would have listened to me and believed I was in labor they could have taken precautionary measures. But I was totally ignored and fobbed off with thrush cream and kidney stones,” she said.

However, the hospital is defending the medical decisions that were made during her initial visit. A representative for Whiston Hospital recently released a statement about the disheartening ordeal, insisting that Neild did not go into labor until she was discharged.

“The Trust offers its sincere condolences to Mrs. Neild and her family for their sad loss. After a thorough consultant led review, the Trust is confident that Mrs. Neild’s care was timely and appropriate for her initial presenting condition,” the representative said. “Mrs. Neild underwent appropriate examinations to establish that she was not in labor. She was discharged home with her full agreement and given advice to return if her condition changed. When Mrs. Neild returned there were still no signs of labor. However, due to Mrs. Neild’s symptoms worsening and the fact that premature labor can be unpredictable, a higher degree of caution was taken. For this reason Mrs. Neild was transferred to Arrowe Park where neonatal cots are provided.”

The Neild family has set up a GoFundMe account for an Arrowe Park incubator. They are hoping their efforts save another family from suffering the same type of devastating loss they’ve experienced.

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