Kidspace Children’s Museum: 8 Kids Injured, 2 In Critical Condition After Tree Falls Near Museum

A typical day at the Kidspace Children’s Museum summer camp in Pasadena, California, took a horrific turn for the worse when a massive tree collapsed. According to ABC News, the 70-foot-tall, 75-year-old pine tree that reportedly “fell without warning” on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 28, has left eight children injured, with two critically wounded.

It has been reported that a total of 33 children were participating in the camp, but the children that were injured — ranging from ages 6 to 8 — were outside the facility, waiting to be picked up, when the massive tree fell, according to the Pasadena Fire Department. Museum staff and parents quickly made it to the scene to check on the injured children, while first responders were dispatched. Eyewitness Greg Prodigalidad recently spoke with KABC-TV with details about the shocking incident.

“I heard a tree crack, and then I turned around and I saw little kids running, then I saw the tree fall on top of the little kids,” Prodigalidad said. “I ran over there with a bunch of parents and we just started going through the tree and the bushes and we started pulling them out. My heart was beating thinking about my own kids. I just went out there, and I tried to save as many as I could.”

Another parent, named Klee Scott, also revealed she witnessed the aftermath of the collapse while standing with her own children. Scott reportedly witnessed the rescue of the two children — a boy and a girl — who were critically injured, reports the New Haven Register. “As I was approaching the tree, they (children) were being pulled out from under it,” Scott said. “That was the fear, that once they started cutting the tree up that there would be somebody under it.”

The eight injured children were reportedly examined at the scene of the incident, and the two who sustained critical injuries were transported to Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center. In the wake of the incident, Kidspace CEO, Michael Shanklin, has released a statement on behalf of the facility.

“Our hearts go out to the families of those injured as well as all those who witnessed this frightening incident. We wish everyone a speedy and complete recovery,” said Michael Shanklin, Kidspace CEO. “I am extremely proud of our Kidspace staff, members of the community, and the first responders from the City of Pasadena for their quick thinking and help getting everyone to safety and ensuring everyone was accounted for. We are constantly reviewing our safety protocols and procedures, and I am confident that diligence helped minimize injuries and save lives.”

At this point, City of Pasadena officials are unaware of what may have caused the tree to collapse, but an investigation is reportedly underway.

[Image via YouTube Screen Caption]