Top Ten Meek Mill Memes Since Drake's 'Back To Back' Diss Release

Meek Mill seems to be at the wrong end of a bad joke -- a joke he started. The world is abuzz with this morning's early release of Drake's "Back To Back." Likewise, it's creating memes galore.

Here are the top ten Meek Mill memes that have been shared via social media thus far.

Meek Mill's Tour

"Don't listen to him, Baby. It's your tour too."

Meek Mill Leaving His Hotel

Meek probably didn't think he'd be listening to "Back to Back" when he woke up this morning.

Meek Mill Leaving Hotel After Back To Back Diss
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6-Mile Meek

"6 God" got Mill running from the 6 with his woes.

Live From Meek Mill's Studio

Don't make Milly angry. You don't want to see him angry.

Will Meek Come With That Fire?

"Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers," Drake said. Hilarious.

Go Fund Meek

Someone even opened up a GoFundMe account so that Mill can get a response recorded.

It's Meek's Tour Too, Right?

Do you think he's going to chill out and not continue the tour with Nicki Minaj now?

Meek Mill Missing

"Last seen tweeting from everywhere but the booth." Too funny.

Meek Mill Of Bel-Air

Meek whistled for a cab, and when it came near, its license plate said "Charged Up." He said, "get me outta here."

Twitter Fingers

Many think Meek will appear on Twitter, yet again.
If you have yet to hear the "Back To Back" track, it's well-worth the listen, considering the allegations Meek Mill made about Drake. As reports Rolling Stone, Aubrey "demolishes" Meek.

In the track, Drizzy basically says that Nicki Minaj may end up leaving him. He states as follows.

"I don't wanna hear about this ever again / Not even when she tell'm that they're better as friends / Not even when you're saying 'Drizzy, tell'm again' / I've been putting on a show, it was a sell-out event."
Also, Drake goes on to tell Meek that he didn't want to come at him like this. However, he gave him every reason to fire back. To add insult, he calls Mill a snitch again.
"Please, check'm for a wire or a earpiece / Please, please do not let these n***as near me / Please, think before you come for the 'great one' / Please, who's a real n***a and who ain't one?"
Drake said that he took a break from Views from the 6 just to handle this situation. But now, he will resume. Drizzy released this track this morning, after Meek Mill performed in Toronto, Canada, last night. From majority consensus, Toronto fans weren't really feeling him as much as usual.

Speaking of Toronto, Drake used a picture of the Toronto Blue Jays as his cover photo for the diss track. However, what's significant about that particular photo is that was when the Blue Jays beat the Phillies in World Series '93. Drake's level of shade is ridiculous, right?

Top Ten Meek Mill Memes Since Drake's 'Back To Back' Diss Release - Blue Jays
Credits: Instagram

What are your thoughts about the Meek Mill memes? There are several others circulating. All of them are hilarious, given the recent trash talk.

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