‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast Update: Leah Messer’s Ex-Husband Corey Simms Quits The Show [Report]

The Teen Mom 2 cast has just reportedly lost a key player.

Although Corey Simms has yet to speak out and officially announce his exit from the show after six seasons, a new report claims the first husband of Leah Messer has cut ties with MTV, and will not be seen on any further seasons.

On July 29, a source told Life & Style of Simms’ exit from the Teen Mom 2 cast, claiming Messer’s second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, may follow his lead.

“Corey is done with the show. He’s told MTV he will not return for another season. He doesn’t think the money is worth the aggravation anymore.”

“Jeremy also wants out of Teen Mom, but he hasn’t made any formal moves yet.”

Simms, who has been a part of the Teen Mom 2 cast since the show began, was married to Messer for six months, before she exposed her affair with Robbie Kidd while cameras rolled. After their divorce, Simms hinted at pulling back from the Teen Mom 2 cast, when he chose to keep his now-wife, Miranda, away from the cameras. Although Miranda eventually joined the Teen Mom 2 cast, as well, she and Simms kept the early moments of their relationship private.

In addition to the relationship drama he’s dealt with on the show, Simms has also endured a messy custody battle with Messer over their 5-year-old twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Teen Mom 2 cast member Simms and his ex-wife, Messer, were seen in a tense moment during a recently-released sneak peek of tomorrow night’s new episode. In the clip, shared by Starcasm, Simms put Messer on blast for forcing her children to cook breakfast for themselves as she slept in.

“I was a sick a couple weekends ago and eating toast, and Aleeah’s like, ‘Oh I know how to make a toast.’ I’m like, ‘How the hell do you know how to make a toast? How do you even know how to use a toaster?’ This is what she said. She said, ‘Cause my mommy’s a sleepy head, and I have to make myself breakfast.’ Whenever your child says that, and she can show you how to make toast in a toaster to back up what she said, that’s hard!”

For more of the Teen Mom 2 cast, including Messer, Calvert, and the children, tune into new episodes of season six on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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