Ben Affleck Slams Claims About Dating Former Nanny To His Kids, ‘It’s Garbage’ He Says

Actor Ben Affleck has slammed rumours about him dating former nanny to his kids. “It’s garbage,” was his response.

It was a rather busy day for rumour mills as reports started emerging that Affleck might have finally moved on and had a new lady in his life. Apparently Affleck didn’t look far to find love and wooed Christine Ouzounian, who incidentally was a doting nanny to Affleck and Garner’s three children, Violet (9), Seraphina (6), and Samuel (3), Inquisitr had reported.

It isn’t a secret that Ben Affleck appeared quite hung up on Jennifer Garner, his wife of nine years. He seemed quite reluctant to let go and accept the fact that the couple, fondly christened “Bennifer” are no longer together. The couple’s divorce was finalized just a day after their 10th wedding anniversary, which undoubtedly would have been a crushing blow to Affleck, who not only considered himself a loving husband, but also a doting dad. Despite the separation, the couple is trying hard to stay as “normal” as possible for the sake of their three kids.

But staying separate was clearly hard for Affleck. Still, if the recent reports were to be believed, love had crawled back into his life. According to U.S. Weekly, Affleck had begun dating Christine Ouzounian. The nanny was reportedly hired during the trial separation. The separation was a well-kept secret during which Affleck and Garner implied they were together.

Ben Affleck has strongly denied the reports of him dating his nanny. Within a statement of two short words, Affleck slammed the claims, reported The Daily Mail:

“It’s garbage.”

His representative too concurred and ensured Affleck’s reaction reach U.S. Weekly, reported New York Post’s Page Six:

“The story is complete garbage and full of lies. You shouldn’t be able to hide behind ‘blind sources’ and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time. The tabloid [U.S Weekly] decided to construct stories in order to sell magazines. It’s like story time in kindergarten. It’s shameful and desperate.”

There’s no denying the fact that Affleck and Ouzounian could have been spotted together. After all, she was a confirmed nanny to the kids. Ouzounian was hired from a Beverly Hills agency that specializes in providing verified people to the rich and famous couples who value their privacy as much as they value their kids.

Ben Affleck is already fielding allegations that it was he, who was responsible for the breakup. However, when the nanny was brought into the mix, it was nothing but “garbage”.

[Image Credit | Saul Loeb / Getty Images]