Bethenny Frankel Admits That Ramona Singer Is ‘Painfully Awkward’

Bethenny Frankel may be irritated with her Real Housewives of New York co-stars when she is filming, but she is laughing when she is watching the episodes back. Of course, Frankel will be frustrated in the moment, but will find it funny to watch her co-stars relive those moments. And this was true for last night’s episode, where Frankel listened to Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan trying to justify Singer’s one-night stand.

And while Bethenny Frankel and Singer have been friends for years, the two women do fight and argue quite a bit. Both women had troubles with their fathers, both women are going through painful divorces, and both women have strong business minds.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now speaking out about how her friend is painfully awkward when she doesn’t get her way. Singer often makes a scene when she doesn’t get her way.

“Ramona is painfully awkward, and if she isn’t getting exactly what she wants, she pouts and stomps,” Bethenny reveals after seeing her co-star at her party and watching her recount everything from their trip to the Turks and Caicos.

“I laugh out loud watching Ramona and Sonja recap the trip. Ramona is attempting to convince Sonja that she wasn’t kissing anyone and Sonja is saying “I see,” aka bulls***. Ramona hides onto a bulls*** lie until it is on its last legs dying and begging for mercy,” Bethenny Frankel reveals about the episode, hinting that she does think it is odd that Singer just can’t admit that she had a one-night stand.

Of course, both women are doing similar things in the business world. According to the Inquisitr, Bethenny Frankel recently addressed the booze feud with her co-star. Both women have a Pinot Grigio white wine. And while Singer launched her wine first, Bethenny may be more successful. Despite competing products, the ladies are bonding over their failed marriages.

“Ok, well Ramona has only been with one man in her life. Let’s go with that for now,” Bethenny Frankel shares, adding, “The men are to have fun with and dance with. If Ramona wants me to marry her off, moving her or her ex out of her apartment is a good start. When she called out the bartender for his profession, I almost passed out. I wouldn’t say what she said to anyone.”

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s perception of her co-star?

[Image via Bravo]