Four-inch iPhone 6 called iPhone 6C Not Happening

Yes, there was indeed talk of an iPhone 6C, a 4-inch iPhone 6, coming out to the market in 2016, but reports are coming in that Apple is turning its back on the iPhone 6C project.

Tech analysts at Jefferies revealed earlier this month that there were talk of the iPhone 6C happening. Much like how Apple release a cheaper iPhone 5C after it came out with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6C was supposed to be designed for the more price-conscious market that still wants to upgrade their iPhone units.

"Although iPhone 6C is designed as an extended version, it still uses metal casing based on Apple style. We believe that Apple remains consistent in its design. As we have discussed previously, Apple continues to develop increased hardness for the iPhone metal casing, which requires a more complicated CNC and anodized process."
However, Business Insider Australia reports this week that the plans for the iPhone 6C are getting scrapped by Apple. Tech Analyst Timothy Arcuri from Cowen and Company tells Business Insider that the "iPhone 6-looking version of the iPhone 5C" actually already had sample units, and he saw these iPhone 6C units in Apple's supply chain from January through March this year. However, right now, traces of the iPhone 6C have disappeared, leading him to believe that Apple is discontinuing the production of these cheaper iPhone 6 models.

Arcuri believes that the iPhone 6C was discontinued because iPhone 6 continued to do so well they didn't see the need for a cheaper model.

I think one of the reasons is because the iPhone 6 has sold so well. And they said, 'Look, why would we want to cannibalize? If we came out with an iPhone 6C, we would essentially cannibalize a price-reduced iPhone 6.'"
As of now, everyone is taking Arcuri's words with salt since his track record when it comes to leaks and rumors is kind of a hit-and-miss. Arcuri was slightly off when he predicted the size of the iPhone 6 screen before it came out, missing out by 0.1 inches, and he also previously claimed that the iPhone 6 Plus would run a more powerful processor than the regular iPhone 6. But he still has some beef in him and there are chances that his words regarding the iPhone 6C are true. If that's the case, then it's sad to see the iPhone 6C vanishing into existence since it's a pretty decent iPhone model for the low-cost market.

The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released on the market on September 19, 2014. To date, Apple has yet to officially comment on the existence or non-existence of the iPhone 6C.

[Image courtesy of Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty]