Catherine Lowe Feels Trapped In Her Marriage: Sean Lowe Failing As A Husband? [Video]

Catherine Lowe and her husband Sean have been married for just under two years. The two said “I do” in a Bachelor special with Chris Harrison hosting the entire event. It was an entertaining wedding at the time, because there was a heavy focus on Sean’s abstinence and their lack of sex life. However, it sounds like things worked out for the Lowe couple.

This month, Catherine Lowe is back with Sean on television as the two did an episode of Wife Swap with Molly Mesnick and her husband Jason Mesnick. Of course, it is awesome to see how these Bachelor couples live their lives after being on the wildly successful show, but as it turns out, not everything is perfect behind closed doors in the Lowe home.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Catherine Lowe appears to be miserable in Dallas because she doesn’t get out much and she doesn’t get to see the city she has moved to. When Molly arrives to Catherine’s home, she is given a letter. And here, Mesnick is shocked at what Lowe describes.

“As a new resident of Dallas, I don’t get to venture out as much as I’d like,” Catherine Lowe has written, adding, “I feel like I live in this town, but I haven’t made it my own. Sean and I tend to go to the same few places and see the same people. I feel like we’re living in a bubble.”

Since Catherine moved to Sean’s hometown to be with him after they got married, it makes sense that she feels a little caught. In fact, Molly believes that “the overall theme is that she just is a little trapped.”

Catherine and Sean are still newlyweds, so this isn’t a good sign. And when Sean hears those words, he is a bit rattled. If Catherine is miserable living in Dallas and feels trapped with the things they do together, then he isn’t doing his job as a husband.

“If Catherine is feeling trapped, I am failing as her husband,” Sean Lowe acknowledges as Mesnick reveals Catherine’s thoughts.

But Sean has an idea of what he wants his marriage to be. In fact, he has an idea that marriage isn’t about happiness – it is about religion.

“Marriage should draw both the man and woman closer to God through their actions towards one another. Also, when you love your wife during the toughest of times, you are showing your love to God. Far too often people rest on the emotion of happiness and love, and when that begins to waver over time, so does their marriage,” he has said, according to the Inquisitr.

How do you feel about Catherine Lowe and Sean after hearing her message to Molly?

[Image via ABC]