Channing Tatum Leaving ‘Gambit’? Fans React With Excitement

Actor Channing Tatum is reportedly pulling out of Gambit — and quite a few fans apparently can’t be happier about it!

In recent months, many of the biggest fans and most skeptical critics of the X-Men franchise were starting to accept the fact that the Magic Mike star would play Remy Lebeau (also known as Gambit).

According to, Channing was even helping out with the screening process to find the actress that would play his leading female co-star.

With a film director and screenwriter both secured, as well as a tentative release date in October, 2016, the ball was rolling and Channing Tatum seemed to roll right along with it.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, that has apparently changed, and the ball has stopped rolling — at least for now. Instead of feeling sadness or disappointment in the 22 Jump Street star leaving the highly-anticipated X-Men spin-off, quite a few fans and critics have reacted with absolute happiness and excitement on Twitter.

Please let this be true.

— TieGurl (@khkshimabukuro) July 29, 2015

While there is a substantial number of people excited about Channing Tatum walking away from Gambit, there are still some people that wish he would have stayed.

If Channing Tatum decided to stay with the project, he would have become the second actor to play Gambit on the big screen. True Detective star Taylor Kitsch made an appearance in the 2009 Gavin Hood-directed film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Gambit.

Whomever decides to play Remy Lebeau in the X-Men spin-off film will still make history, though, since Gambit has never been featured in his own solo film before. reports that Channing Tatum was also on-board as part of the film’s production team alongside his creative partner, Reid Carolin. Therefore, even though he might not be the leading star anymore, there is still a possibility that Channing might remain attached to Gambit behind the scenes.

[Image Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images]