July 29, 2015
Aca-Awesome! 'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Brittany Snow Signs For Next Movie; Will Other Bellas Follow?

Pitch Perfect 2 co-star Brittany Snow has just signed on for Pitch Perfect 3, although a plot has yet to be decided on for the next movie in the franchise.

Co-stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson signed on for the sequel a few weeks ago. Snow, who played Chloe in the first two films, is also known for having co-founded the Love is Louder movement.

Pitch Perfect 2 did very well at the box office, raking in over $281.9 million in worldwide ticket sales after being made with a $29 million budget. By comparison, the original Pitch Perfect, which bowed in 2012, made over $115.3 million worldwide after being made with a $17 million production budget. It defied expectations and, with wry humor and catchy mashups of songs, garnered a legion of fans.

The Pitch Perfect 2 star confirmed the signing on her personal account. Variety announced Snow had been signed yesterday.

Pitch Perfect 2 fans are already excited at the prospect of Snow's return, with some clamoring for the return of Anna Camp and the other Barden Bellas as well.
A Pitch Perfect 2 was something of a no-brainer for studio execs after the impressive returns the flick continues to make, and with the chemistry of the stars, especially the chemistry between Snow and Kendrick, in addition to the refreshing humor of Rebel Wilson, it comes as no surprise that some of the original Barden Bellas have signed on for Pitch Perfect 3. Elizabeth Banks, who directed and appeared in Pitch Perfect 2, may not be back to helm the sequel. Word from Cinema Blend is that the actress so impressed execs over at Universal that she has been tapped to take on Red Queen, the film adaptation of the ultra-popular Young Adult novel.

Some would argue that Banks might want to consider returning to direct Pitch Perfect 3, if for no other reason than to further hone her craft. Banks did impressively well with Pitch Perfect 2, given the box office take was slightly more than double that of the original film, and to be sure, the film would definitely miss some zing without her also taking on the role of acapella broadcaster Gail. However, Banks did tweet "It's on" when news of the third installment first came out. She has also been confirmed to return to the producer's chair as well.

Writer Kay Cannon, who wrote both Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, will be back to pen Pitch Perfect 3, though there has been no word yet as to what the third installment will be about. Actress Hailee Steinfeld, better known as Emily Junk (aka "Legacy") from Pitch Perfect 2, has not yet been confirmed as part of the Pitch Perfect 3 cast, but she has said without a doubt she is game to be a Bella once again.

With Brittany Snow confirmed to return for Pitch Perfect 2, it is virtually a lock that the jiggle juice budget will definitely go up. It will be interesting to see if her fellow co-stars Steinfeld, Camp, Hanna Mae Kim and Ester Dean, among others, will also sign on. Pitch Perfect 3 is slated for a July 21, 2017 release.

[Photo courtesy of Polygon.com]