Calum Hood Claims 5SOS Can Be The Worlds Biggest Band

5 Seconds of Summer star Calum Hood has had some bitter experiences as the result of being in the public eye. Hood has been photographed and widely criticized for smoking next to a gas pump. Calum has also been forced to apologize to fans and their parents on a number of occasions after posting naked pictures of himself on Snapchat and Instagram. There are, however, increasing signs that Hood is maturing. It seems that 19-year-old Calum has recognized that with fame comes responsibility.

According to Sugarscape Calum has told News Australia that the painful experiences of the past have taught him some valuable lessons about life in general and about life in the public eye in particular. Calum seems to have recognized that many of his young fans look to him as a role model.

Calum said, “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, they can’t catch you out. Especially with past experiences, it has made me more wary of things.”

Of course Calum and his band-mates are young men. Ashton Irwin at just 21-years-old is the oldest member of 5 Seconds of Summer so the boys still have some growing up to do and they are entitled to have some fun whilst they are doing it. According to Unreality TV, Hood certainly has no intention of hiding away, nor does he intend to stop partying.

Hood said, “don’t get me wrong we still do party, we’re just obviously more careful about the way we do it.”

Calum has also spoken about his ambitions for 5 Seconds of Summer. Hood recognizes that 5SOS are still very much in their infancy as a band, they still only have a solitary album to their name, but no-one can accuse Calum of lacking ambition. News Australia report that Hood believes that 5SOS can go on to become the biggest band in the world.

“It is going to take some hard work but I think we realize it is possible. We have always wanted to be the biggest band in the world but four years ago, it felt a million miles away.”

“I feel if we make the right music, say the right things in the press and do right by the fans, then maybe.”

Hood and his mates have already built a considerable worldwide fan base. They are currently touring sold out arenas in the U.S. and are due to release a second album later this year. Another tour will undoubtedly follow. If Hood and his pals can establish a reputation as a bone-fide pop-punk outfit then perhaps Calum’s ambitions are not as outlandish as some might think.

[Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images]