Norman Reedus Makes Surprise ‘Vacation’ Cameo: Which ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Played A Griswold?

Norman Reedus has something in common with one of his new costars on The Walking Dead. Norman makes a surprise cameo appearance in the new Vacation movie, so now he and Ethan Embry can swap stories about ill-fated road trips across the country.

The Toronto Star describes Norman Reedus’ Vacation character as “a creepy trucker with a teddy bear stuck to the front of his big rig” who encounters the Griswolds during their trip to Walley World. Norman doesn’t have a major part in the movie, but the Boston Globe says that his trucker character becomes a “running gag.” Most of the Vacation reviews aren’t great, but at least fans of The Walking Dead can temporarily quench their Reedus thirst while they wait for Daryl Dixon to return to the small screen this October.

Interestingly, Ed Helms isn’t the only Rusty Griswold that Norman Reedus has worked with. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ethan Embry makes an appearance in the Season 6 trailer for The Walking Dead as a new character who challenges Rick Grimes’ authority. Embry, whose most well-known movie credits include roles in Can’t Hardly Wait and Empire Records, played Rusty in the 1997 comedy, Vegas Vacation. Luckily, he doesn’t seem too upset that he wasn’t asked to reprise his role.

Ethan Embry isn’t the only past Rusty Griswold who missed out on playing the character in the new Vacation movie. Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) played Rusty in Christmas Vacation, and Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club) was Rusty in the 1983 Vacation movie.

So far, Norman Reedus hasn’t shared any photos of himself hanging out with his fellow Vacationer on the set of The Walking Dead, but fans of the show will be happy to know that he and Steven Yeun have started a bike bromance. Norman has posted a few pictures of their recent rides together, and it looks like the guys are having a ton of fun underneath the hot Georgia sun.

Walking Dead fans can only hope that Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun aren’t spending so much time together because their days as costars are numbered. During a recent Q&A with MTV News, Norman said something that has Glenn Rhee fans seriously stressing out about whether the character will survive Season 6. A few Walking Dead cast members were asked which deceased character they would like to bring back on the show, and they mentioned Shane, Dale, Hershel, and Lori. Norman was pretending to sleep on Melissa McBride’s lap during the interview, so he shocked everyone when he chimed in by saying that he would bring Glenn back. Even though Norman was likely joking, observes that “the cast’s awkward reaction suggests mum was supposed to be the word on Glenn’s potential death.”

Unfortunately, fans of The Walking Dead still have to wait until October 11 before they get to spend their Sunday nights biting their fingernails while the watch to see if Norman Reedus really dropped a hint about Glenn’s death.

[Image credit: Ethan Miller / Getty]