Kourtney Kardashian Has A Change Of Heart, Wants Scott Disick To Have Joint Custody Of Kids

Like any mother, Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian only wants what's best for her children, even if it means settling for joint custody with her estranged partner Scott Disick.

The television personality was initially reported to be seeking sole custody of her three children with Scott Disick – five-year-old Mason, three-year-old Penelope and seven-month-old Reign – in order to protect them. At the time, Disick was away and allegedly partying and drinking non-stop.

The 36-year-old Kourtney was said to have contracted the services of famous divorce lawyer Laura Wessler, having been seen several times in the area where Wessler and several other lawyers have offices. The "disso queen," as Wessler is also known, counts Kim and Khloe among her clients, having helped Kim get a divorce from Washington Wizards power forward Kris Humphries and facilitating Khloe's divorce from NBA free agent Lamar Odom.

Sources close to Disick believed that Kourtney getting sole custody was a done deal as it appeared that the self-proclaimed Lord won't be challenging her for custody, especially since he "doesn't act like a dad at all when he's partying."

But the socialite apparently has had a change of heart and is now working out a deal that would give both of them equal time with the kids. According to an insider, Kourtney wants her children to have "a strong male figure in their life" so a joint custody would hopefully give them a chance to have a "meaningful relationship" with their father.

The little family was seen having lunch together several days ago in Beverly Hill and Disick was later seen spending some one-on-one time with his son Mason. According to an insider, "the kids wanted to see him" after not being able to spend time with their father for more than a month.

The 32-year-old businessman reportedly has not been coming home since June and eventually moved out when Kourtney ended their nine-year relationship. Since then, he has been living in his $3.2 million bachelor's pad in Beverly Hills, hosting raucous parties that have been captured by the media.

But it seems that Disick might be trying to climb out of his infamous downward spiral. The party host appeared at 1OAK on Friday and told reporters there that he was just focusing on himself.

"(I'm) just taking it one day at a time," Disick explained. "With everything going on right now, I need to be positive for myself."

And it seemed he was serious about that as eyewitnesses said Disick just stayed with his friends, drank water and "kept his distance from female fans."

[Image via kourtneykardash, Instagram]