‘Once Upon A Time’ Star Reveals Storybrooke’s New Savior

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Once Upon a Time.

Fans of Once Upon a Time are looking forward to the new season for one major reason and that is to see how the curse will affect Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and turn her into the new Dark One. Many of the Once Upon a Time teasers to come out over the summer hiatus have been just as focused on Morrison’s character, but, as Lana Parrilla reminds fans, the current Dark Emma storyline has left an opening for a new savior on Once Upon a Time.

It seems Parrilla actually has her own idea on who the new hero/heroine should be in Once Upon a Time‘s fifth year. Lana, who has spent much of the last four years indulging her evil side, seems to want to pick up the white hat and work as a force of good on Once Upon a Time.

“I think Regina’s going to become the savior this year and the hero.”

While Regina has been changing her ways throughout the most recent seasons of Once Upon a Time and this would admittedly be a good time for Regina to prove her value as a heroine, Ms. Parrilla points out that her character is primarily concerned for Emma.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen, and Regina is very experienced when it comes to sort of crossing over into the dark side and committing evil acts,” Lana said, adding that she’s worried about how that will affect Emma. “She may never return back to her true self.”

Once Upon a Time‘s Lana Parrilla also pointed out that the curse is not only Emma Swan’s problem, but, as it takes hold, Emma’s darkness will impact every character in Storybrooke.

“I think she’s just worried and worried for everyone, not just Henry. She’s concerned for everyone because once you’re the Dark One, everyone’s doomed.”

Placing the focus on Emma as season 5 of Once Upon a Time opens, Ms. Parrilla reveals that some subplots that were left needing closure by the end of last season’s Once Upon a Time finale may have to wait just a little longer. For instance, it’s difficult for Henry (Jared Gilmore) to take up his new role as Author without a magic quill in his possession and Lana says that won’t be a priority at the start of Once Upon a Time‘s new season.

There’s also Zelena, who was left locked away in a cell under guard. Regina has far too much else to worry about to allow thoughts of reconciling with her sister to distract her, so Zelena won’t be much more than an afterthought, reveals Parrilla.

Season 5 of Once Upon a Time will premiere on September 27 on ABC.

[Featured image: Lana Parrilla courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]