Where's The Bass? Meghan Trainor Appears To Be Shrinking

Amy Schaeffer

When Meghan Trainor burst on the pop diva scene it was like a breath of fresh air: she was curvy and proud of it. Millions of young women identified with her lyrics about boys "wanting a little more booty to hold at night." In fact, Meghan herself talked openly about how she'd been made fun of for being the "fat girl," that guys had told her she'd "be so pretty if she lost ten pounds." The photo below shows Trainor at the Jingle Ball in 2014, courtesy of Wikimedia, and as reported by New York Daily News.

Earlier this year, the Inquisitr posted that Trainor was 175 pounds and a size 12, which is approximately the size of the average female in the United States. Recent photos of the singer, however, don't seem to reflect that height and size. In a shoot with Cosmopolitan, Trainor looks as though she is approaching slim, if she's not already there. Check out the picture for yourself, courtesy of the Cosmo shoot.

Her waist certainly seems smaller. No doubt she has voluptuous legs, but many thin stars who work out also can proclaim the same. Her face seems thinner and more defined, which is no doubt a good thing for her health. But what about all her proclamations that weight doesn't matter? Perhaps she decided to get healthier, or perhaps life on the road as a pop star caused her to lose some weight.

According to healthyceleb, Meghan is now 68 kilograms. That is equal to 149.6 pounds - which means somewhere along the way, Meghan has lost 25 pounds. That's the equivalent of two dress sizes, which likely means she is a size eight - far smaller than the average American woman now, and may put her very close to being a healthy weight for her height, which has been reported between 5'2" and 5'4". If 5'4", she is just within several pounds of being in a healthy weight for height, assuming that healthyceleb statistics are accurate.

The healthyceleb site goes on to say that her bust measurement is 39 inches, her waist is 29 inches, and her hips are 39 inches, which would place her in a size 10 in many company's clothing brands - hardly plus-size.

While there's no doubt that she's not the thinnest celebrity to be in pop culture, it's obvious that she has been losing weight since she hit the scene with "All About That Bass." Was the song and the attitude a gimmick to win overweight girls' affection, or has she simply lost weight along the way? For a girl who claims to have struggled with weight her whole life, that must be a very new experience - but she's not talking about it. In fact, she claims she hasn't exercised or changed eating habits at all.

What do you think - has she lost weight? What are your feelings about her "bigger is ok" message now that she isn't big anymore? Sound off in the comments section below.