Adrian Peterson’s Return Reason To Believe In Minnesota Vikings

Now that Adrian Peterson is officially back, the Minnesota Vikings are contenders. So says many of the observers who have followed the Vikings closely this offseason. There were some good moves made by the Vikings. They were done in an effort to make head coach Mike Zimmer’s second season a successful one.

As NFL teams began making maneuvers to improve for the future, near and distant, the Minnesota Vikings added acquisitions hoping to convince their best player, Peterson to renege on his desires to be elsewhere.

Many people can recall the tumultuous year of 2014 Peterson had. He played one game and was shelved for the remainder of the season with child abuse allegations over his head which involved his son. The allegations put him on a suspension list that allowed Peterson to collect a paycheck but he could not play.

Without reliving certain particulars, it is easy to say that the year 2014 was one that Adrian Peterson would much rather have played football for the Minnesota Vikings, or any NFL team for that matter. Football would have given him a vice to get away from the distractions. At times, people forget that being away from a problem, while not making it disappear, can allow a necessary release, even if it is only temporary. This year, Adrian Peterson will play, though there were plenty of stumbling blocks along the way.

The main stumbling block for Adrian Peterson was his contract status.

The beleaguered running back wanted out of Minnesota. Instead of giving in to his demands, the Vikings simply showed him the money.

Nothing says “we want you here” better than ripping up an existing contract for a more favorable three-year agreement with two years fully guaranteed.

Adrian Peterson is beginning to get up there in age. He is a fresh 30-year-old running back having sat out the majority of last season. He may have two good years left. The new deal is good enough to keep him in a Minnesota Vikings’ uniform for the rest of his career.

If Adrian Peterson had it his way, he will rush for 2,500 yards this season and continue to play at a high level until he is 36 or 37.

Peterson expressed his intent with Peter King from TheMMQB a couple of days ago.

“I don’t see the end. Straight up and honest with you, I feel like, and I don’t know if I’ll do this, because I feel like once my mind tells me, ‘You know what — I’m not loving this game anymore,’ I’ll walk away whenever that time is. But I honestly feel I can play this game until I am 36 or 37 years old. And at a high level.”

The future is looking bright for the Minnesota Vikings who were in the playoff hunt until Week 15.

As for additional reasons to feel good about things in Minnesota, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has a full NFL season under his belt. Barring injuries, he should have a healthy tight end in Kyle Rudolph to throw the football to. He also has a legitimate number one receiver in Mike Wallace. Add the mix a stout defense and the return of Adrian Peterson, the playoffs are not out of the question for the Minnesota Vikings.

[Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images Sport]