Ukrainian Cutie Leanna Bartlett Shows Off Her Tiny Waist In Short Skirt: 'It's So Fluffy'

Leanna Bartlett is a stunning beauty, and her fans look forward to all of her Instagram updates, even when she's not rocking her tiny nude bikini. However, the model did put her curves on full display on Wednesday when she sported a little black outfit in her most recent snap.

In the stunning photo, Leanna is seen standing on a balcony, as a city scene can been spotted behind her her. She wore a black two-piece number which hugged her flawless figure in the best possible way.

Leanna's toned arms, ample bust, and tiny little waist were all showcased in the ensemble, as well as her curvy hips and long, lean legs. The black crop top and miniskirt combo left little to the imagination of Bartlett's fans, and boasted a fuzzy feathered look, which the model called "so fluffy" in the caption of the picture.

Leanna wore her long, platinum blond hair parted to the side and styled in sleek, straight strands that fell down her back and over her shoulder. She also sported a full face of makeup for the photo, an application that consisted of darkened eyebrows, long lashes, and black eyeliner. She added a bronzed glow, pink blush on her cheeks, a shimmering highlighter on her face, and light pink lips to complete the glam look.

Leanna accessorized with a gold bracelet and a gorgeous watch as she ran her fingers through her hair and gave a sultry stare into the camera.

Bartlett's 3.2 million followers showed their support for the photo by clicking the like button over 6,600 times and leaving more than 160 comments in the first two hours after she posted the picture.

"Prettiest lady on earth. They'll never be another as beautiful as you," one of Leanna's Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the post.

"A ray of sunshine and beauty," another fan gushed.

"Such a babe," a third comment read.

"You are so elegant," another admirer stated of the Ukrainian beauty.

Last year, Bartlett opened up about the best part about living in the Ukraine during an interview with Social Lifestyle Magazine.

"The best thing about growing up in Ukraine was always playing and getting creative with my friends always playing outside. Whether it was snowing or very hot we would always be having fun! Some things I miss about Ukraine are my extended family and friends and always getting together for big home made meals or just some tea," she stated.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Leanna Bartlett by following the social media stunner on Instagram.