WWE Rumors: Is The Undertaker Returning To His Biker Gimmick To Face Brock Lesnar? – New T-Shirt Hints At Character Change

The Undertaker is prepping for a monster battle with Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam in a few weeks, and it has appeared as if he is doing whatever is necessary for the match. Some have to wonder though, does that include bringing about an old persona of his from years ago? A persona that had him ride out to the ring on a Harley Davidson and be known as the American Bad A**.

A new shirt for The Undertaker has shown up on WWE Shop, and it is one that isn’t like others have been in the past 10 years. This one doesn’t really focus on his time as the dark and sinister side that people know so well, but his biker gimmick from over a decade ago.

The shirt is called “Vengeance Unearthed,” and it shows a lot of signs from his years in WWE as a biker.

wwe rumors undertaker biker

During his time as the “American Bad A**” from 2000 through 2003, The Undertaker rode out to the ring on a motorcycle and took on a whole different look. He wore a leather vest and blue jeans and had a bandanna around his head.

“Deadman Inc.” was written on the front of almost all of his T-shirts, and the skull with horns was featured on a lot of his merchandise too.

undertaker deadman inc. biker

One of the big differences with the new shirt is that the skull with horns is resting on his big crucifix symbol. It’s almost as if the shirt is a mixture of the Deadman persona and that of the biker from so long ago.

WrestleZone did bring up a good point that Undertaker did show some theatrics of his biker gimmick when he returned at WWE Battleground. Most notably was the emotion that he showed, especially when he grabbed Brock Lesnar for a chokeslam and screamed at him.

The Undertaker may not end up doing a full switch back to the biker gimmick, but it may be WWE’s way of showing that he would do anything to win. It may not be surprising for him to break out “The Last Ride” powerbomb and do another thing or two that the biker would do, but not the Deadman.

Fans weren’t always too thrilled with the gimmick for The Undertaker, and that was why it didn’t last overly long. It’s hard to think he would do a full switch back to it, especially this late in his career.

If The Undertaker is going to defeat Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam, he’s going to have to pull out all the stop. That could include going back to a time when a biker Undertaker rode a motorcycle to the ring and appeared to the music of Limp Bizkit.

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