Missouri Motel Supervisor Accused Of Mocking Sandra Bland With Doll On Noose

The suspicious death of Sandra Bland is still attracting attention, but some of that attention is less-than-civil. Raw Story reports that a Kansas City, Missouri motel has come under scrutiny after a supervisor at the establishment mocked the woman’s death with a doll and a homemade noose. Now the motel is expecting backlash that may include protests.

An attorney from the area posted the offensive photo, drawing attention to the alleged behavior of the white supervisor who hanged it from a doorway at the unidentified motel. She said that an employee at the establishment brought it to her attention. One detail shown in the photo of the slave-style doll is particularly offensive. The homemade noose used to hang the doll was reportedly fashioned from a small garbage bag.

CNN Reports that Sandra Bland’s cause of death has officially been ruled a suicide by hanging. However, numerous people believe that Waller County, Texas officials are covering up foul play. Police allege that Bland was found dead in her cell after supposedly hanging herself with a plastic garbage bag.

The detail of a garbage bag being used in her death can be seen parodied in the offensive photo. Some of the comments on social media are displaying the rage that the photo is attracting. Meanwhile, the name of the Missouri motel hasn’t been released, but it may eventually face protest by an angry public.

When I see a hotel manager hang a doll w/ a garbage bag from the OFFICE doorway, it makes me believe even more #SandraBland was murdered

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) July 28, 2015

Reactions to the photo circulating on social media are varied, but it appears that most of the reactions are angry. Social media is lighting up with discussion now about whether or not the motel supervisor went too far by hanging the doll in this manner. Do you think the motel supervisor took his offensive brand of humor too far?

Was Sandra Bland murdered or was her death truly a suicide? A growing number of people believe that the woman fell victim to foul play, but her death has been covered up in some kind of conspiracy. Others have gone as far as to claim that she was already deceased at the time of her mugshot. Whatever the truth may be, it’s clear that the death of Sandra Bland is another in a growing list of suspicious black deaths in the U.S.

[Photo: Twitter/Stacy Shaw]