Why You Don’t Really Need Dental Insurance

As the window for getting new insurance approaches, it has everyone talking about the benefits of dental insurance, but don’t waste you’re time; there are actually several reasons why you don’t really need dental insurance.

The Affordable Care Act is throwing most people’s insurance premiums out of whack, causing some to switch for approved coverage and causing others to drop their insurance all together. For some, premiums are higher than ever, which prompts many to stop and ask themselves if they really need to pay all of that money for dental insurance.

The answer to that question depends on the individual and their specific situation, but there are several good reasons that dental insurance won’t be worth the cost after all.

Premiums Are Too High

In most cases, the premiums for dental insurance will cost much more than the cost of most dental work. According to Bankrate, the average individual policy costs $360 per year plus copays or coinsurance for the remaining bill. The average cost for two exams and X-rays costs about $370, which will come out to be cheaper than the cost of the exams through your insurance. The amount will be considerably less if you only see the dentist once a year, like a large percentage of America chooses to do without negative repercussions.

Preventative Care Can Be Handled At Home

A majority of the preventative care from your dentist can be handled at home. Many believe that they can’t get the all-around clean feeling by taking care of their teeth at home, but by flossing twice a day and using an electric toothbrush, you can mimic many of the results of professional dental cleanings.

Half of the magic of dental cleanings is the polish at the end, which is a result of the faster rotations of the toothbrush.

“While a normal manual toothbrush would yield around 300 rotations per minute, an electric toothbrush yields around 6,000 rotations per minute,” says an article from Groom and Style.

That speed is about the same rotation as a dentist’s toothbrush, and it helps to deliver that dental-fresh smile every day without paying hundreds of dollars to get it.

Accidental Dental Care Is Covered By Most Health Insurances

Take a closer look at your health insurance policy. Odds are, your policy has a proviso that covers dental care as the result of an accident. This means that if you fall and chip your two front teeth, your health insurance will cover it, and you won’t need to fork out the extra money for dental insurance.

Of course, for some, purchasing dental insurance is for peace of mind more than anything else. It’s also a good idea for those who have extremely cavity-prone teeth, despite excellent hygiene habits. If you fit into that category, dental insurance might be for you.

Otherwise, seriously consider your situation. You might find that you really don’t need dental insurance after all.

[Image via Albion Benefits]