One Direction Has ‘Hottest’ Concert As #Action1D, #Rea1Deal Heat Up

One Direction is provoking fans to stand up and fight for their rights — but it appears that some of their hottest fans need to sit down to sip some electrolytes. On the other hand, there are also fans asking One Direction to return the favor by doing some specific activism for fans.

According to a One Direction fan, Liam Payne allegedly said on July 28 during the sold-out concert in Kansas City, Missouri, “KC, you win the prize for the hottest place I have ever been.”

Most fans of One Direction normally associate them with the words hot, sweltering, or heat. However, Mother Nature is particularly fierce in the summer in the Midwest — and One Direction fans felt her fire.

Unfortunately, battling the heat means that One Direction fans may not be ready for the revolution that the band has laid out before them — but the community in Kansas City is doing their best to keep 1D fans on their toes.

Due to the excessive heat warning, the stadium where One Direction performed on July 28 took extra measures to ensure that 1D fans do not feel the effects of heatstroke. Normally, in the Midwest, the heat will subside after 6 p.m., but this hardly appears to be the case for One Direction fans in Kansas City, Missouri.

Local news sources in Kansas City such as KCTV5 reported on July 28 that the heat index for the One Direction concert at 7 p.m. started with temperatures at 93 degrees Fahrenheit with a heat index of 100 degrees.

By 9 p.m., the heat index was projected to be as high as 88 degrees Fahrenheit. One fan reported that the One Direction concert heat index actually rose to 108 degrees.

In other words, fans were going to either choose to stay at home — or they were going to have to deal with the extreme temperatures for the Kansas City One Direction concert. Of course, Twitter shows that it was going to take a lot of effort to make excited One Direction fans stay home — and some simply asked for 1D fans around the world to pray for them.

To increase safety because of the heat warning, KSHB reports on July 28 that Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City opened waiting rooms for the parents of young One Direction fans. Instead of waiting in the parking lot or dropping the kids off for the One Direction concert, the staff made extra space for non-ticket holders to stay at the stadium during the concert.

One Direction fans were also encouraged to wear loose-fitting clothes and were allowed to bring in two water bottles (one filled with water and the other is empty) to the stadium. Adding to that, One Direction fans were encouraged to ask for cups to fill with water from water fountains or stand under water misting stations throughout the stadium.

July 28 reports on the scene at the Kansas City One Direction concert by KCTV5 state that, “Fans showing up Tuesday were quick to get their hands on snow cones and many used posters as large fans.”

KMBC reported live from the Kansas City 1D concert and said medical tents were available for One Direction fans.

Before the 1D Kansas City show began, one mother said the following about attending the One Direction concert.

“We’ve been hydrating all day. That’s what we’ve been doing to make sure you can bear it out because it’s going to be great. Once you get inside and feel the energy, you’re not going to feel the heat at all. It’s going to be great.”

However, in addition to wanting to get the fans at their sold out Kansas City concert excited about seeing them perform live, One Direction has also been urging fans to become activists — and not just careful drivers.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction started #Action1D as a way to encourage the voices of fans to talk about the type of world that they want to see in their future.

Almost everyday, there is a new “action” for One Direction fans that asks them to make a video answering a specific question. For example, One Direction posted the following on the #Action1D website as an action for July 26.

“This year leaders will decide the future for people and planet. If you had 30 seconds to speak to your leader, what would you say? Remember to start with Dear…”

Now, Harry Styles has added his voice to the #Action1D video series produced by One Direction. On July 26, Harry Styles talked about how he would like to see a world where “every child got a chance to go to school.”

Harry Styles then reflected on a school trip to Ghana where he met children “whose only dream was to get an education” — but would only endure a life of hardship instead.

While One Direction is asking fans for activism, the opposite is also true. According to a July 27 report by SugarScape, One Direction fans are getting serious about the #Rea1Deal campaign on Twitter and states the following.

“[T]hey are asking y’all to vote for your four favorite non-singles from the boys’ burstin’-at-the-seams back catalog…. vote for your four favorites and keep updated @1DFansMovement… voting closes August 5.”

[Feature image via Mat Hayward/Getty Images]